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  1. I'm going to Cornwall tomorrow, won't be back till Friday. Don't y'all be too exciting while I'm gone

    1. Philosopher


      have fun.

      *goes to buy party supplies*

  2. OOC: The Dragon Society

    Ok then, here goes. Name: Luci 'Luce' Demonica Race: Daemon-kin Job/Status: Youngest female heir to the throne Age: I don't know Appearance: Young woman who could be anything from eighteen to twenty-five, ivory skin, fully black eyes, pointed ears, fangs, swept back black horns atop a head of long black hair, noble, slim features and build, black arrowhead tail, black bats wings. Can most commonly be found with a smile of some kind be it smug, cruel, joyous or sad. Weapon of Choice: Magic and physical weapons, preferably swords or knives and hand to hand combat Elemental Focus: None Location: Wherever she wants to be, though generally her home planet/dimension/thing Bio: We're still working this out. As far as I gather she is the youngest of five children of the ruler of the daemon-kin, and generally considered to be the most responsible, despite her other siblings all being male and set to inherit everything before she does. She is incredibly curious about the universe, can be infinitely cruel or kind depending on her mood and what the situation is. She likes most to fight and to think, dislikes emotions that confuse her for any length of time and can be easily irritated. (I could make an entire seperate blog post about Luce right now. Really. Some...odd things have happened, to say the least. This is all I can give for now though.)
  3. OOC: The Dragon Society

    I'm gonna put myself down for this and do a character sheet when I get home, since iPods aren't conducive to lengthy typing. Just a question - do we have to play a dragons, since I have a persona but it's not my 'kin' self. Would I be ableto play my daemon-kon self at all? I don't mind either way bit it helps to know which character to post XD
  4. Scribbles

    Ori, I love your drawings, the expression on that dragon on the beachball is just amazing. Now I have another person to stalk follow on tumblr. -skips off happily, ignoring that fact that she should be drawing herself-
  5. im bored so heres some randomness

    Why has this become some sort of fruit themed party? *continues to conga nonetheless*
  6. im bored so heres some randomness

    *starts a conga line* -hopeful look-
  7. im bored so heres some randomness

    (yougotmynotsosubtlereferencethatmakesmeveryhappyindeeeed) My procrastination practically is a TARDIS. It's bigger and sexier than it looks. *attempts to haul TARDIS off of Tear and fails miserably* I AM A SMALL DRAGON. I HAVE NO POWERRRRRR
  8. hi orealiiiisskkkk


  9. im bored so heres some randomness

    The sound my procrastination currently makes is VWOOOORRRRPPPPVWORPVWORP I thought that was interesting.
  10. im bored so heres some randomness

    GUYS. GUYS. Hey you guys. I have a two hour break. I am bored out of my mind already. I COMMAND YE TO AMUSE ME! ....or not. I'm cool either way.
  11. RP idea's

    The second one sounds looovely....I've never really RP'd before so anything I contribute can be taken with a heavy bag of salt XD I think I just like it cause it reminds me of a story idea I abandoned where some EVIL GOVERNMENT AGENCY created a shape shifter to catch criminals. I wrote all of one scene, involving her taking down a guy as a panther. Anyway, that's off topic. The only vague RP idea I ever had was one set in the super-future with space travel and all that fun, with added zombies created via a virus that spreads from planet to planet. It had intrigue and drama and my character had a TRAUMATIC PAST . If that sounds interesting let me know! I never did much with it, being the lazy creature that I am. =)
  12. Individuality.

    Well wow, I'd just first like to say that Kitten's point about the dependant/independant thing is a bit true for me as well! I didn't know anyone else was like that, cause people always seem to be either really outgoing and independant or the opposite. I feel a bit better now =) I guess the core parts of my personality would be probably my sillyness to be honest, which really only comes out when I'm with friends I really trust that I know get me or, more commonly these days, my boyfriend. I think all my core stuff gets hidden a lot of the time because I'm too aware of what people think and what they're saying. Sometimes I don't care, sometimes I do. I think that's a negative trait I'll always have - I'm too concerned with what other people think too much of the time. I'm also shy, and I think that's inherent in me as well, though I'm trying not to be. I want to be an artist, after all, I can't be shy about that! (Also, note to self; must get rid of this phone phobia. It's getting ridiculous). Hmm, what else is core about me? I'd say my creativity but I didn't used to be all that creative until I discovered art on the internet. Things I got from my family would probably be my tendancy to be quite loud or want to be loud, and my quickness to want to argue in a bad way. We fight quite a lot, and I think a lot of my sad/semi-violent personality that I've mostly gotten rid of now came from them. I also think I learned a lot of cynicism from my mum and dad as well, as they're quite cynical about things. But you know what? Since I got my lovely understanding boyfriend, most of these problems are going away. It's really true that having anyone you can talk to who understands and accepts you can solve most problems and get rid of negative things. Yeah, that's my little contribution. This is a great discussion topic, Dark Lady!
  13. im bored so heres some randomness

    Imma dodge that snowball cause I'm not bored! she says as she begins an eventful evening of procrastination, lol. *throws an egg at ryu*
  14. im bored so heres some randomness

    oh god the pun....it burrrnnnsss us. *writhes dramatically on the floor*