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  1. how you doing ramoth.

  2. My poems

    nice work. :)
  3. working and getting ready for winter.

  4. *shly walks in

    hi there maeve. good to see you here.
  5. greeting everyone

    well I'm still around dont spend much on the forum replying to stuff but if anyone want to get to know me you can PM me to get my attention. if what to know what my dragon looks like just take a peek at my gallery.
  6. Hugging / Snuggling a dragon?

    I most likely do anything I can with a dragon.
  7. Why Dragons?

    It's back when i was five, was awaken by storm outside. I wander to the tv and turned on and was old old for some of you call dragon slayer. scary movie for the time for I was young but it got me interested in dragons.
  8. well it wasn't that hard after I saw the capacitor with the top domed and split. did some research on google and bingo fine the tools i need and done. http://www.afrotechmods.com/groovy/capacit...replacement.htm
  9. I spent 8$ on 3 capacitors 3300uf 10v instead of the 6.3v one and replaced all 3 on the VRU and my system is back and running.
  10. it's athlon xp nforce 2 ultra 400 night many boards out left. upgrade is beyond my limit. found the capacitor fail in the VRU so going to try replacing all 3 to see if it works.
  11. my computer main board blew on me and cannot pay for a the upgrade cost since it a old nforce2 ultra 400. so I will not be on the internet no more for a very long time.
  12. thanks for the comment ryu but dont think this a place for me.

  13. greetings.

    thanks everyone. *smiles and purrs*