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  1. Salvaging my profile info now, I am honored and glad to be back.

    1. Sayuri


      Welcome back! Not seen you in years :o


    2. Krystalis
  2. Maybe/Maybe Not a Return

    Loc_zsu and Ramoth! My it's good to hear from both of you. (Not forgetting Dradolan in saying hello. ^^) It's nice returning to the site as someone more older and experienced, and I do hope that the forum does grow again. I guess I'll be updating my info now, because I'll be hanging around for awhile. :O I hope I can be part of the older generation as we welcome new and returning members alike!
  3. Maybe/Maybe Not a Return

    Welp, I was sharing some nostalgic memories with a friend when I came across the site again, and... wow, might I say it's changed. I think I may have posted a post like this before, and I apologize if I slipped through the cracks again. I may consider rejoining the group again, but with starting my first year in college and admin'ing a different forum, I might decide not to. In the end, I'll let my welcome be the judge, and go from there. ^^ I wish you all the best. -A once long ago member, Jarroc Shectel
  4. To return, or not to return, that is the question, even if I was a generation behind the great members here?

    1. Loc_zsu


      Do it, you know you want to

    2. Krystalis


      Return Jarroc! There are still people here you know!!

  5. We gotta go to space?

  6. Returning, if Possible

    Thanks everyone! It's an honor and pleasure to be back here. :D
  7. And then I returned. Hope to see the site active again!

  8. Returning, if Possible

    Wow. It's been years since I've set down here. Literally, I was several moments from preparing to go on vacation this week when I got an email from Krys. Once curiosity got the better of me, I returned here. Not much has changed, but honestly... I get a feeling there may be potential yet. And to be honest, I've been here before. Spend my first times RP'ing here. :P Been some good, and some bad, but in all it was truly enjoyable. Who knows, maybe the forum will find new life? As things are picking up, and I've been through some changes, I feel as if I need to start a new introduction. Hello everybody! My name is Justin Vela, aka Jarroc Shectel. I'm a junior out of HS, and a semi-active RP'er and writer. A lot of my time is spend prepping for collage and the like. I take interest in a lot of things, some understandable, some weird and random. XD But I tend to see myself as a fun yet knowledgeable person. I'd like to say hello to all of you, and I hope to have a fun time here! (Again!) Going back to the start, I may be a bit inactive next week, due to thanksgiving break. Talk about inconvience, eh? Still, it will be nice to meet everyone once more, and perhaps some new faces as well. All the best! -J
  9. im bored so heres some randomness

    (Oh, I just didn't feel like doing anything serious, so I kinda lingered away.) *Flies to the stratosphere, freezes himself in ice, then begins to plummet back down to earth.*
  10. Last Post wins 2!

    Too bad, it's all mine... the win is all mine! :D
  11. Sorry about the sudden week leave, one of the many websites I forgot to inform on my hasty leave.

  12. Last Post wins 2!

    Ha, you didn't say I win so I win. XD
  13. Yo, maybe we should have a ED chat meet this Veteren's Day? I should be on all day on nothing goes wrong. :D

  14. Last Post wins 2!

    Oh, forget you guys. I win.
  15. Battle of images!

    <-It's just a show, you guys.....