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  1. IC: The Dark Crusade

    The Dark Crusade Overshadowing the nearby towns and villages, the colossal stone chapterhouse of the Order of The Ebony Sun could easily be mistaken for a castle- with its roughly hewn stone walls and and turrets spotted with arrow slits. But inside was a different matter. there were no mighty feasting halls or lavish rooms- Upon the walls hung strange weapons and the men trained in queer arts foreign even to the heretics outside the walls. Every dawn, midday and sunset the chanting of their prayer could be heard from the village below, bellowing out to the world the message of defiance against the oncoming evils of the holy lands. "We pledge to defend the his grace the Kings holy lands in the name of almighty God, in his name, so be it." * Ser Ratigan was in the assembly hall, kneeling piously before Lord Alston, an envoy of King Richard. The envoy had traveled many hundreds of miles on horseback to bring the sealed scroll of orders, for his and his riding partner, Ser Allastad's eyes only. He sat in the seat of the envoy, next to the ebony greatchair. the seat of Lord Roustan, the master of the order who was gravely ill with a foreign sickness of the mind. "My Lord, i come for orders." he asked, not commanding but suggesting quick progress. The man said nothing, and passed him the ornate scroll, kept shut by the wax seal of the king. "It is not to be opened until you begin your journey, and not in the presence of others." "Understood, my Lord. Ratigan left as more members of the Order filed in, all in single file as the previous business was concluded and they had other matters to ask of the travelling envoy. He passed the through the open corridors, and looked out at the initiates practicing in the yard, attacking straw men with wooden swords. He called out for his squire but eventually found him eating a roast fowl and sitting on the straw among the horses. "Gromley, prepare my weaponry and saddle my horse- we leave within the hour for Acre. Bring provisions and supplies. Now, if you can spare the time." Gromley seemed to ignore the sarcasm and went to do as told. He had to find his riding partner, and surmised he would likely find him showing the initiates in the archery yard showing off his skills with the bow. He headed there, his chairman clinking and the flag of his order across his chest flapping in the wind like a scarf...
  2. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Ratigan, Barton, and Astan set off in the opposite direction, towards the town hall. The streets were almost totally quit, except for the sounds of the rest of the party walking away from them. "Where are the bodies? Do they shamble outside, clawing to get back to their homes?" said Astan, looking worried and sweating as he kicked at a pile of manure, surrounded by flies. Ratigan shrugged his shoulders and had just enough time to grab him and tackle him tot he ground before a stinking, fetid creature leapt from the pile and tried the same. Barton immediately drew his clean and polished long-sword and sullied it in filth and blood with a mighty cleave to it's arm. The creature screamed inhumanely and backed off, and Ratigan got a better look at it. "It is not a man, nor was it ever. A demon of filth, a lesser one, spewed from the bowels of the pit. it is likely the messenger for something far greater..." he said. The demon seemed more likely to reconsider attacking again, but it stood it's ground and roared- filling the town square with a foul and putrefying gas, which was a sickly yellow. "Cover your mouths! Now! shouted Ratigan, putting his good hand over his mouth. Everyone else did the same, and it took some time for the wind to blow the gas away, by which time the demon had gone. It left it's vile footprints and and a trail of drippings to indicate where it had gone, but while Ratigan and Astan where inspecting this Barton spotted someone standing in front of the townhall. "One of the dead, is there, Master. Mocking us, and gesturing with a heavy morningstar, wearing Templar colors." Said Barton. Ratigan knew of only one Templar who wielded such things... Lord Peter Selby...
  3. IC: The Dark Crusade

    "It seems like a likely trap" replied Ratigan. The fleeing figure was obviously suspicious enough to arouse interest though, as Ser Blacksting gave a nod to the party and set off after him, and he was gone before anyone could react, melting into the shadows. "We follow our friend's lead and split up. Allastad, you take Richard and Osmund and check the village square. Barton, Astan and I will head for the Town hall, and be sure to look for any survivors" said Ratigan, as he heard a yelp from close by, probably from the mystery figure getting caught by his pursuer. In the Church, a man was kneeling over a horrid work of art on the floor. It was an elaborately painted demonic sigil, and empty corpses drained of blood were littered around it, at each point of it's seven pointed star pattern. He was cutting himself and bleeding into the middle, and muttering in a deep and inhuman voice. At this point, the man, a undead Lord Peter Selby looked up and laughed. His skin had turned green and his lower jaw just bare bone, but his death rattle of a laugh echoed through the empty halls of the church, mocking and blaspheming at the holy images on the stain glass windows.
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  5. IC: Hogwarts 1940

    IC: Hogwarts 1940 Hogwarts, 1940 AD. With the start of the second world war, england is a very different and dangerous place. Even Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is feeling the effects. With the influence of Tom Riddle, the arrival of Rubeus Hagrid, and all the events that follow, Hogwarts goes on, teaching young minds whilst the world tries it's best to defeat Hitler. Your character might be a citizen of war-panicked london, or maybe an evacuated child sent to live in the country. School starts (as it always has) on september 1st... * In the darkness of his attic room, Ignotus was poring through the musty old pages of a century old copy of Magick Moste Evile- It was full of his little paper bookmarks, and he was laying on his chest waggling his legs in the air, breathing dust and wizardry's most awful magic, but mostly dust. The mansion was practically empty, save for Mister Slash, skulking in the corner of the attic, half hidden in blackness almost material. Practically empty, as it also included Shivering Lou, the ghost of a little girl who'd died in the house from sickness but still happily played with her dolls despite being dead for twenty years. Her giggles amused Ignotus, as he read about curses that turned muggles inside out, including ancient woodcut illustrations. When his Grandparents returned hours later, his Grandmother popped her grey head round his bedroom door. "Off to bed, young one. You know the rules, no reading after nine." Ignotus did as told, and got into his bedclothes. "Your letter is here, came yesterday morning but that cat of yours got it first, the owl was probably too tempting to pass up. Good job i found it before it was unreadable. Here, don't be too late." She kissed him on the head and left. The letter was slightly ripped by cat claws and smelled of urine, but Ignotus read it anyway. He already knew he was going to Hogwarts, as his father had told him all about it, and was pleased it was confirmed. He tried to sleep, thinking of himself, impressing the sorting hat with all his knowledge... Going to Diagon alley would be tomorrows highlight, he thought, even with muggle london on bomb alert... * Septimus was working hard in the potato patch, when the postman handed him a letter. The postman rarely came to Droppers Duff, but with the war owls were seen less and less as the air became too dangerous to send private letters. He tried to rub the sweat off his head, but his dirty hand made a brown smudge. He longed for the day he could dig by magic! but until then, he tended the patch every other day since he was old enough to lift the shovel. The letter turned out to be his Hogwarts letter, and he jumped for joy, dropped the shovel and ran home as fast as his legs could carry him. "Mum! It came! I'm going to Hogwarts school!" He said excitedly waving the increasingly filthy letter. His mother just smiled, and pointed to his chair. His mother was deaf, but the family had learned to communicate with her fine. Soon, The Cowley family were all at the kitchen table for dinner, all celebrating Septimus' 11th birthday with cake, presents, sibling rivalries and weary eye rolls. Apparently his Uncle Augustus had given him the money to buy his Hogwarts supplies! His entire brood, him, his mum and dad, Ethel, Edith, Hortedicia and little Jessica would be bundling into Diagon alley...
  6. IC: Hogwarts 1940

    Surrounded by Gryffindors on both sides, Ignotus felt rather boxed in. He had a girl with large eyes on his left and a giant boy on his right. He looked around at the other students, (who were more interested in talking and playing musical chairs than listening) and relaxed a bit until the giant spoke to him. "Only half. Don't worry, i won't bite. I'm Ignotus, nice to meet you" he said, but the hubbub in the classroom was beginning to subside now. They were learning about plants that grew on the edges of the water, and cried like little children in order to snare passers by. According to professor Beery they were quite harmless when uprooted, and the noises they made where muffled and confused, just like the thing itself. They were tasked to trim them and re-pot them, then describe the process in their workbooks. It was simple work, although the giant boy (who introduced himself as Hagrid, over the trimming) found the delicate trimming difficult with such big hands. Ignotus gave him some help and before long they were chuckling about monsters, a shared interest they quickly discovered. On the other side of the room, Several students had an argument over missing clippers, and ten points were taken from Slytherin, and a further ten points from Gryfffindor when the other party refused to back down and threw some soil. The lesson was certainly interesting, but Ignotus got bored once he had finished his descriptions and began doodling in the margins of his workbook. The lesson came to an abrupt end after that, the books collected, and just before everyone was about to get up and leave, an explosion shook the whole room and blew out two of the windows. ** Septimus, Quintius and Archie had been told off twice more for running in the corridors before they caught up with the others outside the dungeons. They had been horsing around on the way, and were the last to arrive, but as the teacher hadn't shown up yet nobody seemed to notice, except for Verity. She sighed and trotted over to them with a frown. "What took you so long? You could have lost us points!" she spat, even though only Archie was paying attention (Sep and Quint were happily playing a game that involved slapping each others hands as hard as possible) Archie shrugged and didn't answer her in time, as the teacher appeared. He was a heavy set man, with an impressive amount of facial hair but he seemed jolly enough. He unlocked the door, and everyone entered the room in single file and took seats. Being last, there weren't three seats together left, so Sep went to the front (He sat next to Jasper but didn't greet him yet), Quintius intentionally sat between two girls (Melania and Fleur, who made no secret of their disgust.)
  7. IC: The Dark Crusade

    "We need only carve a swathe through them! Enough to get ourselves through, they do not seem interested in the horses, just man-flesh!" Shouted back Ratigan, smashing his steel fist into a dead face and obliterating it. The shambling horde seemed to grow in strength the harder the party fought against them. Astan was holding his own to a vicious pair when he was grabbed from his saddle, but someone else beheaded the pair before he hit the ground, and help him up. "This is folly! Two more rise for every one that falls! Something must be controlling them!" Shouted Blacksting, loudly, over the moans and cries. Ratigan looked about, past the immediate threat, and it took a few moments to spot the odd creature out- one of them was not fighting, but praying on his knees, bobbing back and forth. It was grumbling in a low and sinister language- muttering incantations to keep the dead fighting."There, kill that one!" He shouted. Barton and Osmund bothe heard the command, and both wanted the glory. They raced each other through the forest of hacked off limbs and red rain toward the target, and both acted in synchronicity as both of their blades collided with the bobbing corpse. It stood up, impaled, and pulled out the swords with each hand, and attacked both Barton and Osmund with their own blades. Barton got an ear cut off cleanly, and Osmund, trying to wrestle back his sword, grabbed the sharp end with his hands and came close to losing a finger before headbutting the thing and knocking it's head off. Dealing with his own problems, Ratigan only saw the headbutt but it was impressive enough, even though Osmund was very dazed and vulnerable in the seconds afterwards. With the chanter dead, the corpses turned back into dusty bodies and went limp, dropping back into the he ground and melting back into the sand. "Well done. We should learn more about the enemy, if possible. The more we know, the better chance we have of stopping the evil at it's heart" said Ratigan, as everyone wrapped bandages around the latest wounds. The rest of the road to the village of Tryil was less excitable, but the presence of the living dead was everywhere. They passed througb several small villages and farms, but there were no peasants or farmers, just flies and the sweet, cloying smell of decaying bodies in the sun, being picked apart by vultures. They eventually reached Tryil just before dark the next day, and even though it was quite a large village, it seemed to be empty...
  8. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Ratigan's journey through the neighbouring settlements was uneventful, except for a bird of prey carrying a message high overhead. Once he arrived, he noticed he was the last to arrive. Allastad, Richard, Barton, Osmund and Blacksting were already preparing for the ride. Only a few paces in, he was run into by a clumsy young man carrying his bags. "Good day, Master. My name is Astan, your new Squire. I am to take the late Squire Gromley's duties and assist you in any way possible" rushed out the young man, before he zoomed off again to the fill the horses saddlebags. Ratigan greeted his fellow master and surveyed the latest additions to the quest. "Once the horses are prepared we should make haste to Jaffe. I fear terrible things await us, but we must endure. I am also worried about Roustan... I pray that our leaving does not give him cause him to do anything... damaging. His sickness is getting worse by the day. I heard he bit housekeeper quite badly. Oh, and my new Squire seems to be nothing if not... eager." The party left the chapterhouse soon after, and they proceeded through the drawbridge gates two by two. Astan did nothing but talk very quickly about very little, and soon his voice became part of the background noise to Ratigan's ears. He remembered the boldnes of the bandits the first time he had left the chapterhouse, but this time they had no such ambush. The quiet was very unusual and more than a little worrisome once they hit the road proper. "Were is everyone? Thisnroad should be filled with donkeys, camels, trader carts and the like" he said, but when his horse suddenly stopped (as did the others) he got his answer. The sandy road was cold. In this part of the world, anything other than roasting heat was utterly improbable, and it did not bode well. Ratigan dismounted as bis horse woukd go no further regardless of how much he insisted. He then crunched a skull under his boot. "Prepare yourselves. Something is here... watching us... to arms, everyone!" He called, as several dusty and ancient reanimated corpses clawed thier way out of thier sandy graves...
  9. A little experiment

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  10. Star Wars Episode VII

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  15. IC: Hogwarts 1940

    Ignotus opened his eyes to a new day, and a new challenge, especially as Mr Slash had attached himself to his arm, locking his arm to the sheets with his claws. It took several attempts to remove him and the noise woke up a few other students, including Arsenius, who threw a pillow at him. His new school robes where still in his luggage, but he found it had ink spilled on it in the night (plus cat droppings, and it became obvious who had slept in the luggage). "I can help with that, give it here" said the voice of a student already dressed and holding out his hand. He recognized him as Fabian, the vain boy he'd seen being sorted. He handed him the inky robe, and watched as Fabian poked it with his wand and muttered. the ink stain drained away, and the robe looked good as new, but when Ignotus tried to take it back, Fabian laughed and tried to walk away with it. Shortly afterwards, now dressed and on his way to class, Ignotus saw Fabian scowling at him with bandages on his face and arms, from some very deep looking slashes from a certain frenzied feline who saw his master being bullied and saw fit to intervene. His first class was herbology, which was outside in the grounds. he followed his fellow Slytherins until they reached the greenhouses, where there was a teacher waiting for them, alongside the Gryffindor students who were to join them. "Good morning first years! My name is Professor Beery, and today we will be working in greenhouse two. Please follow me in and take a seat. But not just any seat! My policy is inter-house cooperation, so the order will be one Slytherin, one Gryffindor, one Slytherin, one Gryffindor and so on. Go in then" he said. As Ignotus walked past him he noticed he smelled terrible, like compost. *** Septimus was already up and waiting for his friends to wake up while he sat in the common room. His morning was potions with the Ravenclaws. and then Charms with the Slytherins. (OOC: That's where Halcyone will be too) He didn't know much about potions except that some of them cleaned clothes (His mothers doing) and the book he had was interesting but not enough to distract him from bugging those who'd just woken up, and first was Fleur, surrounded on both sides by Victoria and Verity. They were talking very seriously about the Muggles war or something, but stopped and went silent when they saw Sep. "Morning girls. Got your potions books?" he asked them. As it turned out, none of the three had bothered to read the timetable and all had to go back up to retrieve the books, although they were gone for a suspiciously long time. After they left, Quintius and Archie came down, laughing about potions that did silly childish things (like flight via your lower regions) and then Archie playfully hit Quint on the head with his book and ran off laughing. They got told off by a prefect for being noisy after that and went off to the dungeons, and to potions class with the other students going the same way.
  16. A little experiment

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  17. IC: The Dark Crusade

    "Good day, Brother. I come with bad news, and a mission of the utmost importance" said Ratigan, showing the letter to Allastad. While he put away the venison and read it, Ratigan took a look around his Brother's new home, it was nicely set out, with the welcoming smells of spices and herbs, probably from the well stocked kitchen. As Allastad came back, he looked stern but understanding. "We will need to leave for Jaffe in the morning. Although the apprentice problem still remains, the other masters have granted us leave to take Barton and Osmund anyway, and see who performs best under our service. We are alos taking the Blacksmith's son, who has requested to come with us too, and our old friend "Blacksting" will making the journey with us until we reach the village of Tryil, where he has business. Get a good nights sleep brother, our party leaves at first light." ** Sleep did not come easy that night. Thoughts of terrible things and of the sense of dread that awaited him in the unknown... He went to sleep in the early hours of the morning. When he awoke, it took him very little time to prepare himself for the journey, although washing himself and dressing himself with only one hand took far longer and was more difficult than he remembered. He also opened the chest containing his steel sword-hand, which he had kept in its box for a fortnight waiting for an opportunity to use it. Now was the time, and it fitted onto his stump nicely and strapped to his elbow with a leather strap and buckle. The party had been told to gather int he great hall, and Ratigan made his way there in his Masters armor and weapons, feeling quite confident that he looked very fearsome...
  18. IC: Star Trek: Sigma Sector

    Cobley didn't like the sound of this legend one bit. He remembered a story about an artificial intelligence that had turned bad back on Earth, but the ship angle was a new one on him. "We should look for a control panel. I have a few programs on the scanner it won't expect, seeing as how alien we are to it" he said to the Centarans. They looked unimpressed. "You looked like Regerians with hair. Not that alien, really" said Captain Jaroi. "What are-" started Markinko, but he was interrupted by an alarm, which suddenly blared and made what few lights there were active glow and flash red in warning. "What are you doing? I command you to attack each other!" Shouted KAIM. Its sounded upset. Could an AI get upset, Howard wondered? "No, we won't attack non-combatants. And we are aware of your game. We will not comply" said Howard, proudly, even though Markinko was shaking his head trying unsuccessfully to shut him up. "Then i have no choice. What do you think killed everyone? Would you like to see?" threatened the AI's voice. "Oh no..." Markinko muttered, as the Centarans formed up into a defensive position. Whatever was coming was very loud, and it made it's presence known as KAIM was laughing in a psychotic manner. It appeared to be a Maintence droid intended for removing threats external to the ship, and it was all spinning saws and flailing arms, crusted in old blood with its old arms screaming with metal fatigue. "That Explains why the Stilva is still there, Commander... The anti invader mech was already inside under KAIM'S control! shouted Howard as the killing machine closed in.... ** Fuura was in the Captains room explaining her take on Stilva xenobiology. "It has an outer shell of a stone like substance, mostly from draining the radiation from planetary bodies an the like. It has a never-ending appetite as it's metabolism is so bad that the energy it drains is used up just holding on whatever it is draining, like a circle of feeding that only ends when the target is exhausted" she said. "Can our phasers harm it?" asked Captain Ellison. "Yes, but it has its teeth into the core power supply of the derelict. Shooting it would cause it to let go, and compromise the outer hull. Everyone on board would be spaced." "Quite the problem then..." replied the Captain. "The team need to find the part of the ship were it is hooked in, and upset its food supply. That would cause it to unhook normally and look for food elsewhere. Hope fully not us."
  19. OOC: Star Trek: Sigma Sector

    Personal Log of (unknown) Acting-Ensign Fuura-Lorne Stardate 55774.1 time of writing 12:09 am. How does this work? Do i pres this? (START NEW LOG Y/N) Oh, no i don't want that, how do write down my thoughts, Computer? (Computer voice) Record command, ensign. In progress. Oh yes. So there is a Stilva and an old legend just outside my window. I do feel privileged to see such things as my Warchief-Father told they were just stories. Anyway i feel so happy about this (And also slightly terrified i am delving into this ships primitive logging system. In my youth, he told me of the dead ships, controlled my computerized systems gone mad and the havoc they wrought in the stories of- (UNAUTHORIZED UPLOAD 45% COMPLETE) Rich chocolate ice cream: dark chocolate, cream, eggs. Simple. Faultless. Devastatingly delicious. Ingredients250g/9oz strong plain chocolate 100g/3½oz unsalted butter 150g/5oz caster sugar 150ml/5fl oz water 4 large eggs, yolks only 500ml/17fl oz double cream Preparation method Break up the chocolate and place with the unsalted butter in a warm-ish oven for about 15 minutes. Remove and stir until melted and blended together. Over a low heat dissolve the sugar in the water then turn up the heat and boil rapidly for a few minutes to get a light syrup. It's ready before the syrup takes any colour, when a little dropped on to a cold plate forms a thread when stretched between finger and thumb. Leave the mixture to cool for just a minute. Place the egg yolks in a basin and begin whisking (ideally with an electric whisk), trickling in the hot syrup as you go. Continue whisking until the mixture is thick and mousse-like. Whisk in the cream. Then fold in the melted chocolate and butter until thoroughly blended. Then pour the mixture into an ice cream machine and churn until frozen. -What did i press? oh i leaned on something... how do i fix it? help! (END OF LOG)
  20. IC: Star Trek: Sigma Sector

    The doorway came apart with a loud crunch, as the cut supports gave way to the weight. Behind it, several creatures with tails and unusal armoured suits. They did not appear to be armed, but they seemes surprised. "We don't want any trouble, here. We're unnarmed, just scavenging for parts" said the obvious leader, and clearly the most intelligent. Cobley had his phaser pointed on the scavengers, as did Commander Coron. "Identify yourself. Or we open fire" rattled off Cobley. "We're Centaran, a scavenging party out of Riatar. I am Captain Hyr Jaroi. We are trapped here, same as you. That Kaim thing suckered us in with a fake signal and trapped us in. You must have heard it drag us in, we hit it pretty hard." Jaroi put his cutters away, feeling that he wasn't in any immediate danger. "What do you mean, suckered you in?" Asked Cobley. "That's the legend. You know, the wreckage that attracts treasure hunters, controlled by the mad AI trying to press-gang itself a new crew." ** "It's a story. The ship is alive. It floats about, drawing in folk and they... never leave.... We should ignore it, pretend we never saw it" said Fuura. She then noticed that several of the bridge crew were missing... "The creature though, that I know. It is a Stilvatica Oreinica. An energy eater. It attaches itself to any sources of energy and drains them until they bedome withered husks... but it is like a greedy child. If it sense a new energy source, it will abandon it's old meal to start a newer one. We should keep our distance, there is no doubt we are putting out far more power than that wreckage." She then spotted the little ship that had also entered the wreckage, and spat out an Andorian curseword unrepeatable by a human tongue. "Scavengers! They come to steal anything they can take away... probably lured in too... stupid reptiles."