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  1. Bloo bloo bloo bloo bloo

  2. A little experiment

    Hello to all my fans
  3. I bite!

    1. Shadowfaze


      Do you now? *avoids and counterattacks!*

    2. Philosopher


      Love bites? *nip nip* :P

  4. Magic: The Gathering

    Ahahahah YES I started playing again like 3 months ago, and am wasting way too much money on it! We should play, and use LackeyCCG for this! Or whatever you are using :p
  5. Sad news. PLEASE READ.

    When opening Everything Dragon...This was the last thing I could have hoped to see... I enjoyed my conversations with her when I was around here, and i'm still trying to realize I just read this.. My condoleances, Loc, stay strong.
  6. I suppose updating my avatar doesn't count as being active, now does it? :p

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    2. Sayuri


      i thought i recognised the name, but wasn't too sure either... :P


    3. A Golden Noble

      A Golden Noble

      buuullliieeesss XP


    4. Orealisk


      Who is this again? :p

  7. Goed: Tim.heye@yahoo.com

    Om het simpel te houden. :)

  8. Hey vlooimans, ik heb momenteel een Yahoo adres. Zin om het te proberen. connection breaks the loneliness. :)

  9. The Member's Only Section

    http://www.mediawiki..._Authentication http://www.ipbwiki.com/ I don't know which version the forum is currently running, but media wiki SHOULD(it's the wikipedia software dammit >< ) have a plugin somewhere for that.
  10. The Member's Only Section

    I haven't really been around so I can't say much for the members' section.. However: The signature part should be easy - just put the members' name in there. Par example: I thought you were running with Carenath? -- I don't know about the wiki.. I registered there at the time, but was quite dissapointed by it being a standard out of the box-on a subdomain wiki software(which will generally never be viewed by anyone but the ones editing it anyway). Whereas http://wiki.everything-dragon.com/ could have become a very nice your-own-wiki, including dragon~ish domain and everything. When looking for credible sources people will greatly value your own wiki over these free things on a hosting service.
  11. Geen link actief, kan er niets van maken