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  1. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad arrived at the town square and was surprised to see Ratigan there as well, it appeared that him and Astan were inspecting something. He approached Ratigan, "What happened here brother?" asked Allastad, noticing the footprints leading away from them. "We were attacked by a lesser demon, Barton wounded it but it fled before we could finish it off." replied Ratigan, "but it would seem we have bigger troubles brother." continued Ratigan as he pointed in the direction of the undead outside the town hall. "Ratigan, a moment?" asked Ricard, motioning towards a nearby house. Ratigan nodded and followed Richard into the house, "What is it Richard?" asked Ratigan, as he closed the door behind them. "Its Allastad sir, on our way here he claimed he heard a scream coming from a house nearby and ran to investigate, we followed close behind. Once we got to the house however he began having a conversation with a man who simply was not there."
  2. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad nodded and headed off towards the village square with Richard and Osmund. As they neared the square Allastad heard a scream come from a nearby house and ran to investigate. Richard and Osmund, surprised at the sudden change in pace, followed close behind. Allastad opened the door of the house and saw a man standing over the body of a demon, the man was wearing chainmail with a red cross on it and held a shield bearing the same cross. Allastad and Ratigan had seen the symbol before and knew the order that it came from. "I assume based on your symbol that you are of the templar order? What are you doing out here?" The man looked up at Allastad and replied "I heard rumors that there was unusual activity so naturally i came to investigate, as i am sure you have." Richard looked at Osmund with confusion before asking Allastad who he was talking to, "Can you not see the man before you Richard? Ah, but my manners escape me, I am Master Allastad of the Order of the Ebony sun." The templar nodded and replied "You of course already know i am of the templar order, my name is of little importance but you may call me Eagle eye. I got the name from my order for being their best investigator. Now, if you'll excuse me Allastad i have a job to do as i am sure you do as well, though i am certain we will meet again." The templar walked passed Allastad and down the streets towards the church. Allastad continued towards the village square as Richard turned to Osmund and stated in a voice lower than a whisper "I have a feeling something has happened to Allastad, we must tell Ratigan of this at once." Osmund nodded in agreement as they continued behind Allastad.
  3. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad followed Ratigan and the others through the main gate. The village seemed empty as they walked down the deserted streets, moans could be heard from the dead outside the city walls and yet there was no sign of the living dead within the town. Doors of houses were left open and the smell of burned bread from the bakery filled the streets. " Whatever happened here it appears that the townsfolk were in a hurry to leave.." Said Allastad as he looked through the window of the bakery. "Pies left undone and bread left in a still hot oven. Seems we got here not long after the event." Allastad was about to turn around when he heard movement coming from behind the bakery. He placed a hand on Ratigans shoulder and nodded his head in the direction of the noise. They both walked slowly around the bakery, as they came around the corner to the back they saw a figure run off down an alley towards the town church. Allastad turned to Ratigan, "Should we follow?"
  4. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad dismounted his horse "I dont think a bow will do much good here, ill have to use my sword.." He thought to himself. He unsheathed his sword and plunged it into the head of the nearest rising corpse which continued to claw its way to the surface. He pulled the sword out and was about to decapitate the corpse when his leg was grabbed by another corpse behind him, which pulled him to the ground causing him to drop his sword, the corpse that he had been fighting made its way to its feet, lifted Allastads sword off the ground, and was preparing to swing it down at him when he quickly grabbed the corpses legs and pulled it to the ground. Allastad kicked the other corpse in the head, causing it to loosen its grip enough for Allastad to get free. He got to his feet, picked up his sword and swung it down at the corpse he had just pulled to the ground, decapitating it. He then decapitated the other corpse before calling to Ratigan, "Its pointless brother, we will never kill them all. I say we find another path and retreat, we will find another way to Jaffe."
  5. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad laid in his bed deep in thought, several men missing in action headed to a city overrun by the undead, He did not rest till early in the morning hours. When he awoke he began to prepare for the journey, grabbing his armor and weapons before heading to the great hall to meet up with Ratigan. He arrived at the hall just moments before Ratigan and walked up to his brother in arms "Shall we proceed?"
  6. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad sat beside the fireplace in the living area of his home, he had just gotten back from the market with some venison, and was about to cook some stew, when he saw Ratigan walking up to his house. He walked outside, "What brings you by today Ratigan?"
  7. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad could see Ratigans excitement upon seeing the armory, " I am sure you will have this place looking a proper armory before long Ratigan." said Allastad, chuckling to himself. Master Bryas nodded "To the farmhouse then, are you ready to go Allastad?" "I am, lead the way." replied Allastad. The sounds of the people filled the air as they walked back through the town on their way out to the farms, the walk was pleasant enough. As they walked through the market Allastad turned to Ratigan "I suppose we will be visiting here often enough to fill up on supplies now that we are no longer living in the castle." After a few moments had passed they arrived at the farmhouse. The stone exterior was quite welcoming, There was a gravel walkway leading to the front of the house and the house itself was made of granite and had an oak wood door. They entered the house and looked around, the inside was empty except for a few skin rugs that had been left, the floors were made of limestone and There were a few tapestries hung from the wall each with vibrant colors, there was a small stone fireplace, just big enough for cooking stew or using as warmth, in the living area. The washroom was quite nice as well, the toilet was made of oak and granite and there was an oak tub for bathing. It was apparent that the merchant that lived here was quite well off. "I will gladly take it." said Allastad, amazed at how elaborate it was.
  8. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad thumbed through the available properties before answering. He came across a listing for a stone house located near the fields, away from all the noise of the town. "What about the stone house near the fields?" asked Allastad "It is a good choice sir. Its quiet and quite spacious. It used to be the home of a merchant before he moved out of town, so its not furnished unfortunatly. Though it does have some tapestries, and a nice washroom." replied Bryas "Very well, i would like to see it once we are finished at the armory then." said Allastad, closing the book of properties. "Shall we set off then Ratigan?"
  9. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad arrived at the blacksmiths followed by Ratigan. Allastad handed the smith his equipment and took the lists of properties from the blacksmith before turning to Ratigan. "It would seem Osmand thinks highly of his station Ratigan, a disappointing sight for one training to be a master." Allastad looked through the properties as Ratigan handed over his equipment, "It seems we will start receiving money now, perhaps we will have to take up hunting bounties? When the demons cause enough trouble and become a threat prices for their removal do get quite large." The blacksmith stood up and grabbed some coin pouches off a small table that looked to be a workbench. "Here is your payment to get you started, there will be a brother in arms arriving to show you the properties in about an hour. You both are welcome to wait here if you would like."
  10. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad nodded in agreement as he followed Ratigan into the training yard. He followed Ratigan around the area watching as they fired their arrows into the targets, and remembering the time he and Ratigan had spent alone in the yard. "How far we have come brother," Said Allastad, just loud enough for Ratigan to hear him among the noise, "We were always the first up and in the training yards, waiting for the chance to prove ourselves. And here we are again, but now as Masters." He looked around at the apprentices, trying to decide who he should take. "One trained in the way of the sword may not be so bad, a strength to combat my weakness, What are your thoughts Ratigan?"
  11. IC: The Dark Crusade

    "perhaps an exorcism like some demons, draw out the thing possessing them and destroy it. Or maybe some form of holy artifact, i dont know." replied Allastad as they neared the practice yards. "But perhaps we should discuss this later tonight in my chambers, for now let us find our apprentices." He saw Ratigan nod as they approached the knight in charge of the practice yards. "What apprentices do we have today ser?" said the courtyard knight, who turned around and bowed "Ah, the newly appointed masters, how are you today?" "We are fine ser, now please show us the available apprentices." "Very well." replied the knight, motioning for them to follow. "I am sure that you have heard of some of them Ser Ratigan, such as Ser Barton and Ser Wellsly or perhaps Ser Osmond, he has quickly made a name for himself around here and i doubt his feats escape your ears Ser. All are great men, and willing to serve. For you Allastad i would suggest one skilled in the way of the sword. Your archery is legendary but you lack the finesse and skill with a blade that Ser Ratigan has, it is what makes you two such a triumphant team. We do have some skilled in both swordplay and archery if you prefer though ser. Ser John Willington is among our top apprentices, skilled in both the ways of the sword as well as the bow. With more training im sure he could be quite the asset to your party."
  12. IC: The Dark Crusade

    "Just what i was thinking brother." said Allastad, it was noticeable that he had been distant. "The man that the masters spoke of is Peter Selby isn't it Ratigan? I could tell by your face that you knew the man they spoke of, and i had my suspicions."
  13. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Richard joined the other brother-at-arms in removing the Grand-master while Allastad joined Ratigan and the other masters to feast. "It is an honor to finally be among you." Said Allastad as he sat at the table, "I have heard stories of your crusades around town. you all are the best of the best." He turned to Ratigan and put his hand upon his shoulder, "We have made it brother, i know Grand-master Roustan is proud of you."
  14. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad had been laying upon his bed in his room reading the letter that was given to him, After a late night of celebrating he had just gotten to his letters, "A promotion?" Allastad thought to himself. He set the note down upon his desk and dressed himself in his casual attire. He left his room to go check up on Ratigan when a man approached him, "Time for the ceremony ser, Please wear your formal armor and meet in the grand hall." Allastad smiled and returned to his room to change clothing. Allastad entered the grand hall not long before Ratigan. "How are you holding up brother?" asked Allastad as Ratigan entered the hall before the start of the ceremony. "It would seem we are to be promoted, I know its been harder on you than I but hopefully things will look up from here."
  15. IC: The Dark Crusade

    Allastad looked upon the body of what was once their companion. "I'm sorry Ratigan, once the demonic influence wears off we will give Gromley a proper burial in his hometown." He looked ahead and could see the chapterhouse in the distance. "Nearly there," he thought to himself. The guards opened the gates as they approached, "Thank you," said Allastad. "Fetch a doctor and have him meet us at the chapterhouse at his earliest convenience. Ratigan has been injured and we must have it looked at as soon as possible."