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  1. LIfe is a pricious gift

  2. *murrs*

    Today went rather well. I cleaned my living room for my mom and had my ipod going. This morning I mediated what a great way to start your day. Lol that rhymes. I also Finished 4 poems I am so happy about. I also talked to my very good and close friend. Tomorrow if it warm up I might actually sit by my river again and see if any new poems ideas flow through. It feels good to be out doors during the spring or anytime. I love be out more then inside. If it wasn't for the cold weather and what ever danger there is outdoors I would Sleep outdoors. Sometimes the moon is by my window. Lately with burning sage or incense I been having really peaceful sleep.
  3. My poems

    WE'RE ALL CONNECTED We're all connected and, created by the same creator. No one is better then the other. We have no reason to act superior to each other. There's no need for us to look down at each other. We're here to show love and compassion to each other. There's already too much hatred in the world. We're here to learn from one another. We're suppose to be shinning His light in the world. We need to encourage each other to believe in our dreams. We shouldn't be always fighting amongst one another. We're here to lift each other up. They shouldn't be room for judgment in our hearts. Our hearts should be filled with love and mercy. We can't let our hearts harden. It should be satiated with joy. It we allow our heart to be open, we all for healing to take place. It we work together, we can restore peace back in the world. Slowly there will be harmony again if we work as one. I believe there is hope. LOVE INSTEAD OF HATE Hate is a powerful word but, if only we give it power. We should focus on an even more powerful word love. Where ever love is you'll find peace. When love takes hold of you it will transform you. Sometimes if you let love flow through, you will allow it to restore your spirit. Your heart will slowly soften and grow. Love allows you to see things in a clearer prescriptive on things. You begin to feel joy run through your heart and, spirit. Love allows hope to grow and flourish in your soul. Love shines the brightest even during the darkest storms. Love can show up when we're not paying attention. It will open many doors for you. Once you allow love to nourish your soul, everything inside will come back to life. Your life will start to have meaning again. When you have love inside, you learn to have compassion for others. Love gives you freedom to be yourself. It brings out the good in you, in others. Your heart will feel lighter.
  4. THe power of love

    I myself have come to realize that love can win and heal. Like say someone is mad at you and angry, and you show them love say something nice they don't know how to react to it. I healed many people that i have come to care about love in my life just by show them love and opening myself to them. I know some may think it hard to love those who hurt us. But to me being angry or show hate back to them only increases the problems. Like all these wars we have been having over religion and rights. We are only making matters worse by saying we're right and their wrong fighter fire with firer. I believe if everyone tried to show compassion and understanding along with love and forgiveness we would have the peace and joy everyone seem to be missing.
  5. My poems

    WHAT IS BEAUTY? What is beauty? Is it what the world is considered beautiful, or is it something more? Some think women on magazine who are air brushed are beautiful. Some think if you wear make up that will make you pretty. Others think that fancy are good looking. Some women regard men on tv as handsome. Some consider thin individuals are thought as pretty. Sometimes we look at a certain picture, and we say that's beautiful. Some of us have so much so much tragedy, and bitterness we forget to look for it. We rarely see beauty in everyday things. We're so busy doing stuff, we don't make time to see the gorgeous sunsets. Some of us stopped taking walks, and we totally miss the wonderful flowers. We get caught up in life, we don't appreciate the quiet and peaceful sunrises. Most of us are focused on external beauty. We don't really recognize the inner beauty that surround us. We forget a person can be beautiful. Even when they look plain on the outside. We don't see beauty that in their soul. There is beauty is all around us. TEMPTATION We will always have temptation. We can't just wish it away. Yet that doesn't mean we should give into it. They're way we can resist it. We can learn to help each other to remain strong when we're around it. Temptation can only lead us into trouble. It's also a way to see how strong our faith is. Sometimes if we're not careful we can fall back in our old ways. Temptation can be very clever in ways of coming in our lives. Some days the enticement can feel overwhelming. It can lead us down very dangerous paths. It can sneak in just as we feel , that we're confident. If we're not discrete it will control us. Some of us have different ways of resisting seduction. Satan will try his best to lure us away from our Creator. The Good news He will help us grow stronger through our temptations. We also have friends with us, so we don't have to withstand seduction alone. We can use prayer to avoid temptation.
  6. The "I feel..." Thread

    Today was a good day. I went food shopping then talked with my friends.
  7. Blessend day

    any kind
  8. Hello all

    ack confusing. Welcome whitebreath to the coumity
  9. Blessend day

    Well it raining so i stayed home and read and danced. I am also thinking of writing more poems. I am abit groggy but other then that it seem like a peaceful and quiet. Hard to believe soon will be Easter and will be spending time with family. Rain is like a time of renew and cleansing.
  10. My poems

    A DRAGONS LIFE Dragons so strong yet so soft and kind. Feared by lies and being misunderstood. Hearts filled with love and longing. Trying to survive in a world full of anger and betrayal. Wanting to be accepted. Learning to always be cautious, when they should be free. A soul wanting to trust. Watching out for their own families. Some losing homes by hunters. Keeping their little ones right by their sides. Losing loved ones by those who don't understand them. Some run from their lives trying to stay alive. Defending their homes and lands from those who wish to harm them. Mothers always looking to make sure her children are still alive. Some young ones left standard and alone. Father keeping an eye on his family. Not knowing if they'll be safe. Hiding from predators and slayers. Some have scars from past battles. Searching for food to feed their families. Living life the best they can. Teaching their kids to hunt for food. Trying to create a loving home for their children. Searching for a safe environment. Children playing by their parents. Always listening around them to, to keep them safe. Watching their children play. Families with parents who cherish their kids more then their lives.
  11. My poems

    I AM UNIQUE I am His daughter. I'm a spiritual being in a physical body. A person whose loving, and compassionate. Someone who believes that peace can bring people closer together. Someone who tries her best to do what is right. I am person who tires to always have an open heart. I am a lover who need to feel needed. I'm a strong believer in love. A solider of light, and truth. I am someone who believes we're here to help each other. I am a survivor, and a fighter. I'm a friend who want the best for everyone she cares about. I'm a person who want to reach out to people who are hurting. I am seeker for the truth. I am person who has gone through a lot, yet shines brighter today. I am person who never gives up. I am a writer. I am person who wants to make a difference. I am a sister to some of my closest friends. I am unique. YOUR HEART Follow your heart,it'll lead you to your dreams. Listen closely and you will discover many hidden treasure within you. Look to your soul for the truth that you're seeking. You friends and family can only guide you to the right path. Your heart will take you there the rest of the way. Your heart will open many doors for you along your journey. You'll discover many wonderful and scary things about who you are. It'll reveal many secrets that you were afraid to know. Sometimes you'll have many people that will try to lure you away from your heart. Yet don't let that discourage you. Your heart has the keys, that you need to live an enrich, and fulfilled life.You heart will never lie to you. Pay close attention to what it tells you. Your heart will show you how to maintain peace, even during heated situations. As long your heart is open you will be able to heal. Your heart is where all your love is stored. Never be afraid to believe what it tells you.
  12. negative engry

    I know from my own experience that negative energy can do a lot of harm. So for instance you let your anger stay inside you then it turn to bitterness. It can make you physically ill as well make you weak spiritually and mentally. I believe that how bodies nysnc each thing effect the other. So when we allow anything negative stay inside it can kill us. sometimes just our spirit but others time eventually our physical body as well. That one way we get sick is all the anger or hatred take root in us. Well from what i see in my life and the ones i care about. That why i try myself to cleanse my spirit and body from it. I try to focus on positive energy like love and peace and joy. Even when it the most hardest.
  13. The "I feel..." Thread

    I am feeling quite good this morning. This sun is out theres peace in my heart. I believe today will be a good and warm day. I have to go food shopping this morning then maybe I will write or something who knows
  14. The "I feel..." Thread

    Today i woke up after having a good dream. IT snowing some reason where I am yet the house is hot. I am very peaceful today. I will read for a bit and work on my mom afghan.
  15. Prisoner in reason

    *nuzzles* i can understand where you coming from