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  1. What do you do when the fork in the road has a wall on one side and a cliff on the other?

    1. Loc_zsu


      you turn to your friend beside you and ask: "Which one do you think will be more adventurous?"

    2. A Golden Noble

      A Golden Noble

      Hire some builders to bulldoze the wall and build a slide :P

    3. Azdeha


      go in between ;)


  2. Thanks for the birthday message :)

  3. A new dream

    The first story is up. Its in the "Dragon Writers" under A New Dream. The next will be up in a few days.
  4. A new Dream

    Dreams, what is a dream? Some say a dream is nothing more than the feelings of a person’s heart. Desires, fears, future dreams or past memories. They say a dream is a way of making what is realistically impossible, possible. The things you fear become real; monsters, the boogie man, or a mother-in-law. Or the things you want become yours, ; love, money, power, or even something simple like the candy bar your rotten older brother took from you and crammed into his chubby cheeks when you where little. What ever it may be, in a dream it can happen. Then there are those who think dreams are visions of the past, present or future. Some one may see great things. The birth of a child, or the winner of a baseball game. Then others may see horrible nightmares like a bloody war raging throughout the world. So, what is a dream? I’m not sure, some scare me, while others delight me. But nothing has ever come close to being as confusing as the one I have been having the last four months. A girl, she’s is calling my name, and she sounds like she’s in trouble. I’m running through a forest then theirs theres nothing, , no trees or grass, nothing at all. I look around me and all I see is darkness. I run toward the voice but it seems to be all around me. She tells me to be careful, to watch my step, not to fall. Then all at once the ground beneath me is gone and I start to fall, faster and faster. There was no sound. Then I hear her voice again. alm, gentle, beautiful like a song far away. “Don’t give up, stand up. Come on, you can do it, stand up.†I try and try but can’t find my feet. Then out of nowhere a burst of wind comes up from underneath me slowing me down and as my feet feel the ground beneath them then I stand. There I am standing in a light. It’s blinding for a moment, then my eyes adjust. I look around and then I see her, a young women some distance away. She is standing in a light much like mine and surrounded by the same familiar darkness. She takes a step and the light around her is gone. I can’t see here any more, just deep darkness and I feel this cold shiver go up my spine. Then I see her again surrounded by the same light yet she is closer this time. She takes another step and the light goes out again. Over and over this happens and with every step and every fading light she gets closer. The cold shiver stops the last time I see her. For a while I wait and scan the darkness for her and the light hoping to see her again but with no such luck. Then I see her as she steps into the light surrounding me. She just stands there smiling at me. She’s beautiful, shorter than I am about five ten, with a white tee shirt and blue jeans. She has long dark blond hair, with blue eyes that have a small streak of purple in through them that reminds me of lightning on a cloudy summer eve. She takes my hand and whispers her name gently in to my ear. Then I wake up, wondering if it was real or just a dream. It seams seems so real; my hands feel as if they just let go of her. What could this mean? Could it be just any regular old dream, a love I have always wanted, maybe a friend from the past I have just forgotten. Maybe she is just some one I saw walking down the street one day. Or could this “Dream†actually be a vision of something, or someone. I’m not quite sure yet. Yemura, who are you? Why do I keep dreaming of you?
  5. Happy Birthday :)

  6. A new story

    I started a story many years ago and now I want to work on it again. But im conflicted as to which one I will work on. Ill put some of both on here and would like some feed back as to which is more appeling.
  7. -.- gggrrrrrr.....when will they learn.....If I must rise then I will be angry....

  8. sigh...long weekend. all work and no play makes for a grumpy drake

  9. 63 hours last week lets see how many i can get this week

    1. Loc_zsu


      63 hours on a Starcraft 2 marathon? Random guess really

    2. silverfang


      hours at work...lol

  10. the new guy on the block

    hey, So Im the new guy on the block. just wanted th drop a line and see who picked up on it. found the site and thought id see what it was like. look forward to meetin you. l8ers