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  1. holiday, woo. hayfever ahoy :/ screw this.

  2. Ive started and lined ALL my drawings... i really should learn to do one at a time. I hate colouring XD

    1. Krystalis


      I LOVE coloring!! XD

    2. A Golden Noble

      A Golden Noble

      Send me some of that enthusiasm please XD I need it so bad!

    3. Krystalis


      -sends enthusiasm through thought/emotional transferal unit- XD get colouring!!

  3. A little experiment

    Compiling the worlds greatest Birthday gift box. Roll on September!!! <3
  4. A little experiment

  5. A little experiment

    That looked like fun Black!
  6. A little experiment

  7. Having some serious sad times. But im still managing to draw at least 8D

    1. Krystalis


      awr sorry to hear that noble

  8. IC: The Silver Dragon Tavern

    Diederich smiled as he was offered what was obviously his kind of drink. What a star! ''You must have great reputation und experience to be so good with drinks like that.'' He reached into his pocket and offered up some money on the bar to her, over what the drink was worth. ''For future drinks too. How you saaaayyy... uh... tab? I'm not fond of rain. Like cat.'' His attention was caught by the younger girl who'd been handed water to sober up. ''Pace yourself girl. If you cant drink like Noble woman, you are not Noble woman, only pretender. Women who get drunk have no class und you look like you have social standing''
  9. A little experiment

    FUS ROH DAH!!!!! *explodes*
  10. About Me Tag!

    Ladies and Gents, I challenge you all to do an 'About Me' tag!! Just a bit of fun! 7 things about you, but the last one can be a little bit of a porky/white lie!! > w <
  11. One busy little Prince this week!

  12. ill be in chat for a good while :P

  13. A little experiment

    Loving it! If only my forehead wasnt the size of Middle Earth. I must be related to Ant and Dec.
  14. A little experiment

    Coming up with a 50's hairstyle that works with extensions is hard. Darn these clips to hell.
  15. A little experiment

    bacon, eggs and toast in bed at 4.20pm. Best boyfriend award goes to mine.