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  1. Hi!

    It all starts with simply remembering to log in. |D
  2. Hi!

    And then I completely forgot to check in. *is shot* |D
  3. Returning after a long absence

    Hi Val! I too am nosing around to see who's here!
  4. Hi!

    Poking my head in again, going to attempt to become more active and actually stay here this time. ^ ^;
  5. *Cautiously pokes head in*

    1. Shadowfaze


      *pokes the head with stick*

    2. trigirl48


      my eye! *bleeds*


  6. Sad news. PLEASE READ.

    I didn't know her that well but I still thought of her as a friend. At least now she's someplace where she won't be hurting anymore. If you ever need someone to talk to just send me a message. I know the time difference is pretty big (6 or 7 hours) but I'm up pretty late for my time zone anyway.
  7. IC: Orb of Katoral

    Ciatious flipped through the pages again, he could always do some research in his library to see if he could dig something up that could at least tell him what language this was in. The shop owner eyed him, know that the look on the faerie's face usually meant a sale. "Is there anything you'd like to buy today?" He ventured. Ciatious closed the book again and took a long look at the old man. He would probably offer some ridiculously high price for the book, Ciatious would have to talk him down. "10 coins for the book." Ciatious offered. The old man laughed. "No definitely not, this book is old which means it's valuable. For a normal customer I would sell if for 100 but for you, 50." "This book is unreadable and once translated may even be a hoax, twenty coins." "Yes but if it's not a hoax that makes it all the more special. I will go down to 45." The old man said stubbornly. Fortunately, Ciatious was more stubborn. "No one wants a book they can't read, 30 and that's it." It was already more than what he thought the book was worth. The shop owner thought about it for a long moment and finally consented. Ciatious counted out 30 gold coins and started back to his shop.
  8. Orb of Katoral is still open for new players. Just pop into the OOC thread and let me know.

  9. Sorry for the wait Faze and Krys, my next RP post is finally up!

  10. IC: Orb of Katoral

    The owner of the bookshop was on the elderly side but his mind was as sharp as ever and as he unpacked a crate he greeted his dark clad guest by name. “Ciatious, how are you this morning?†The young man answered as he eyed the items coming from the crate. “So far so good. I made a large sale yesterday, the home of a noble’s cousin burned down so she bought some items to help ease her cousin’s burden of replacing everything.†The shop keeper chuckled and motioned for his guest to follow him. He walked to the back of the store where several books and small trinkets had been laid out for inspection. “I had a feeling you’d be coming in this morning Ci, so I set a few things aside that I thought would catch your interest.†Ciatious looked at the items before him. The trinkets were all right but not anything that he would sell. He flipped through the books most were simply fanciful stories. However, as he lifted the last book to look through it, he noticed it was quite different from the others. It was heavier than it should have been first off and the covers were made of a material he didn’t recognize. The pages where made of the same material albeit a much thinner version of it. As he was a being of magic he also noticed that someone had stuck a protection spell on the book as well. Whomever did that must have felt this book was important. It was shame he could not read what was neatly scrawled onto the pages. His worked allowed him to recognize many languages, even if he couldn’t understand them, but this was something he hadn’t seen before.
  11. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    Oh, right. Ha. Forgot my own posting order already. XD

    When I play on a new world I usually make a tall tower to mark where my house is, that way I can just look around for the tower. Just have to make sure you don't go far enough that you're out of sight of it, but you'd be surprised how far you can go before you can't see it anymore if you make it tall enough. Also, if you press F3 it will tell you your x y z coordinates and you can simply right that down on a piece of paper. That's what I do if I find someplace interesting and want to keep track of it.
  13. Christmas Cards

    I usually end up losing them eventually but I'm interested in getting a card and I'll even send one out to anyone who wants one from me. Cards.... <3
  14. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    If you'd like to Faze. Also, there's a posting order up now so... yeah.
  15. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    Yes I know, I'm just saying in case you want to make another later. ;p