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  6. IC: Orb of Katoral

    OOC Thread Eons ago, Dragons were primitive solitary creatures. Over time, they evolved into sentient creatures and learned how to manipulate the energies around them. They taught this ability to a younger race, which had more recently gained sentience. However not all dragons agreed with what to do with this new race. Some wanted to ally while others wanted to use them for labor and food. This disagreement caused the first war and nearly both races where wiped out. It was only thanks to a dragon with the power to heal that the war finally ended. Now countless millennia have passed the young race that caused so much trouble evolved into two species, faeries and humans. There is a peace between all the races but some still hate or fear the dragons and pledge to wipe them out. The only way they can succeed is through a mysterious book with the unremembered history of the world. ------------ The morning was bright and crisp, a light breeze blew off from the ocean bringing with it the smell of salt and fish. The sun was barely in the sky and the port district was already abuzz with people. Fishing ships of all sizes were returning with their catches while merchant ships from the night before unloaded their cargo. Shop owners in the trade district opened their shops, set up displays and looked for last minute deals before the rest of the city awoke. One such dealer was currently perusing for any interesting books or antiques that made their way to the city. He wore a dark wool tunic to keep the chill out as he slowly went from shop to shop eyeing the items for sale. Most of the other merchants knew him, and ignored him. While he looked every day, he normally did not buy anything. He smiled as the wind blew through the street ruffling his short pale hair. He liked to keep it short so it would be out of his eyes but he had gone too far this last time, and now it was short enough to stick up on its own. He ran a hand against his head, he was starting to like it like that. He checked to make sure his coin purse was still on his hip as he turned to visit one last shop before opening his. This was a place that had a few more books than most other merchants, aside from himself of course, and usually had something at least fun to look at.
  7. Sad news. PLEASE READ.

    I didn't know her that well but I still thought of her as a friend. At least now she's someplace where she won't be hurting anymore. If you ever need someone to talk to just send me a message. I know the time difference is pretty big (6 or 7 hours) but I'm up pretty late for my time zone anyway.
  8. IC: Orb of Katoral

    Ciatious flipped through the pages again, he could always do some research in his library to see if he could dig something up that could at least tell him what language this was in. The shop owner eyed him, know that the look on the faerie's face usually meant a sale. "Is there anything you'd like to buy today?" He ventured. Ciatious closed the book again and took a long look at the old man. He would probably offer some ridiculously high price for the book, Ciatious would have to talk him down. "10 coins for the book." Ciatious offered. The old man laughed. "No definitely not, this book is old which means it's valuable. For a normal customer I would sell if for 100 but for you, 50." "This book is unreadable and once translated may even be a hoax, twenty coins." "Yes but if it's not a hoax that makes it all the more special. I will go down to 45." The old man said stubbornly. Fortunately, Ciatious was more stubborn. "No one wants a book they can't read, 30 and that's it." It was already more than what he thought the book was worth. The shop owner thought about it for a long moment and finally consented. Ciatious counted out 30 gold coins and started back to his shop.
  9. Orb of Katoral is still open for new players. Just pop into the OOC thread and let me know.

  10. Sorry for the wait Faze and Krys, my next RP post is finally up!

  11. IC: Orb of Katoral

    The owner of the bookshop was on the elderly side but his mind was as sharp as ever and as he unpacked a crate he greeted his dark clad guest by name. “Ciatious, how are you this morning?†The young man answered as he eyed the items coming from the crate. “So far so good. I made a large sale yesterday, the home of a noble’s cousin burned down so she bought some items to help ease her cousin’s burden of replacing everything.†The shop keeper chuckled and motioned for his guest to follow him. He walked to the back of the store where several books and small trinkets had been laid out for inspection. “I had a feeling you’d be coming in this morning Ci, so I set a few things aside that I thought would catch your interest.†Ciatious looked at the items before him. The trinkets were all right but not anything that he would sell. He flipped through the books most were simply fanciful stories. However, as he lifted the last book to look through it, he noticed it was quite different from the others. It was heavier than it should have been first off and the covers were made of a material he didn’t recognize. The pages where made of the same material albeit a much thinner version of it. As he was a being of magic he also noticed that someone had stuck a protection spell on the book as well. Whomever did that must have felt this book was important. It was shame he could not read what was neatly scrawled onto the pages. His worked allowed him to recognize many languages, even if he couldn’t understand them, but this was something he hadn’t seen before.
  12. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    Type: Public Genre: Fantasy, Dragons, Espionage, Light Violence Level: Mid Ages: 12+ In general, things will be added as I see fit or have noticed is missing. Edited items will be in bold until the next edit. FAQ will updated frequently so keep checking back. Then- At first there were primitive dragons extremely territorial, they were vicious and reclusive. In time they learned that hunting with another produced a more successful hunt and thus the first troops were formed. The sun rose and set in succession and the dragons learned how to use their spirit as a conduit to manipulate the energies in the world around them. It was at this time that dragons became sentient and troops gave rise to clans. At the start of clans another race, which had been evolving quietly alongside the dragons, made their presence known. They had no scales and only had fur at the top of their heads. They were dubbed humans as that was the dragon word at the time for scaleless. They were fragile things that hunted noisily and used claws made from rock. Some dragon clans saw promise in this new race and taught the humans about the world around them and helped them understand it. They also helped the humans learn, what they called, magic. Other clans saw promise in the humans too but for very different reasons. They saw humans as slaves and a possible source of food. Quite simply, they argued, if regular sources of food because scare due to weather, illness, or over eating; humans could be used instead. Humans practically took care of themselves, ate comparatively little, and reproduced quickly. Human populations in these territories where either wiped out or extremely small. Eventually the pro human clans formed an alliance to protect the humans and called it “The Joiningâ€. Dragons where intelligent but they were not known for their creativity. This angered the clans that wanted to use humans for food. One clan leader, Freyer, sought to end the folly of the human loving clans and created his own alliance. In doing so Freyer created war. It was grisly and bloodstained, like nothing the races have seen before and have yet to see again. None had kept track of the length of the first war but each passing year saw less of each race. The Joined knew that if the war wasn't ended quickly both their race and the humans would no longer exist. A dragon with the unusual ability to heal rallied the Joined to confront Freyer either to make him surrender or to end his war once and for all. Freyer refused to give up, to stop only when the last human was captured and the last human lover was dead. He challenged the healer to single combat. The healer, Katoral, and Freyer fought alone, both exceptionally strong and expert users of their powers. The fight was long and though mortally wounded, Katoral was able to kill Freyer. Katoral was determined to make sure his race survived and used his magic to revive as many of his fallen brethren on the battle field as he could. The process drained him of his life force but his spirit remained and took the form of an orb. His mate hid the orb as his spirit still lived and it was his spirit that kept the dragons alive. Currently- Countless millennia have passed now, Freyer's war, Katoral, the Joining, all have been forgotten by both dragon and human alike. Katoral's magic lived on in those he revived, and now each dragon that lives has some of the great healer's magic in them. Those that have the focus and the will can heal, but such ability is as rare now as it was then. There are occasional conflicts between humans and dragons but for the most part the two races live in relative peace. Since the war, the magic wielding humans developed into their own race called the Faerie. They look human but have finer features such as a slightly longer face, fairer skin occasionally with unusually colored eyes and all have a profound link to nature and its creatures. Wings are possible but they are created from magic and only allow the creator the ability to hover 3 ft above the ground. There are as many different types of dragons as there are stars in the sky and are just as varied. Dragons can be anywhere from 5 feet long to no bigger than 150 feet long. There are dragons who could have anywhere from no legs to four legs and may or may not have wings. It is not unusual for a city to have a dragon quarter though the size will vary depending on the size and wealth of the city. It is also common to see dragons in the wilderness alone or with others. A dragon's location and company is really up to the dragon itself. Cities themselves vary in size with generally the more wealthy a city is the more adorned its buildings are. The larger cities are on the coast, where fishing and trade are easily accessed while inland the only cities are where the few land based trade routes cross. There are a few farms and villages scattered in the country side but most of the human population is in or around the cities. Not all the humans enjoy the company of dragons; some fear the dragons whether it is their power, their size, or some other reason. Others hate the dragons believing that they are using the humans and as soon as the humans are no longer useful, the dragons will turn on the humans and wipe them out. Those that believe the latter have formed a group called the Purity Syndicate. An organization bent on wiping out the dragons before the dragons destroy the humans. Most people are aware of the Syndicate as an organization of rabble rousers, paranoid people standing on street corners and in markets shouting how "evil" the dragons truly are. It is a perception that the leader of the Syndicate created in order to keep the true purpose of the Syndicate hidden. While the core group is located in the small trade city of Tamring, there are many other pockets throughout the world. Unlike the "paranoid" members of the Syndicate, the true members do not draw attention to themselves. They keep their beliefs to themselves, going about their days as if they truly believed that dragons were helpful. True members identify each other by saying, "Tis a good day for the dragons." to which the answer is, "But then come the humans." Some members will also have the symbol of a running lizard somewhere upon their person, whether a piece of jewelry or embroidered on their clothes. Meeting places will also have a symbol of a running lizard somewhere on the property. Right now- The breeze of a new spring was blowing in from the sea at Bocrof Harbor, one of the largest cities in the country. It tickled the sails of the ships docked there, filling some sails, simply brushing by others. With the breeze came the chill of a new spring yet the weather was warm enough for the snow to be gone. The harbor was full with ships coming and going and the docks where clogged with workers and sailors of all races. Further in, the city was just as busy with tradesmen, butchers, bakers, and merchants of all kinds all calling out their goods. Men, women, and children bustled about running errands, or looking for something to eat or a new trinket to buy while dragons lumbered about as well perhaps going to a job, or running errands as well, or even just enjoying the day. Being closest to the port, the trade district is one of the busiest parts of Borcrof. There are shops of all sorts, each one with elaborate carvings and signs, all vying for attention. It would be easy to miss the non descript building wedged into the entrance of a former alley, the only way to tell that it was anything of importance was the simple wooden sign with "Cre'ast" carved into it. The store inside is clogged with various pieces of furniture, trinkets and books leaving barely any room for a being to walk yet anyone of any size can easily enter and walk around. At far end of the store is a hallway leading to a back room or two. There are only one or two windows at the front yet there seems to be enough ample light to see into even the furthest nooks and crannies. RULES- 1. Rules will be added to as I see fit. 2. Please be nice to each other. No arguing or fighting please. If you have a disagreement in OC, keep it that way. 3. Please no power play/god modding/etc. You do not instant hit/kiss/etc the person you did the action too. 4. Please keep it clean, mild cursing is fine along with mild violence. 5. Posting order will be in the order that I've received profiles. Once I get enough profiles to start, I will post an official order. 6. Don't Skip ahead! If we're having lunch don't go off and post your entire day and end it with dinner. It is not okay to skip such a large period of time in one post unless it's okay with everyone else first. Profile Sheet- Only dragons and faerie use magic in this world. Humans though, can use items that are themselves imbued with magic such as a magic ring or a scrying mirror. The syndicate leader is anti-dragon so there will be NO dragons in the syndicate, UNLESS you are creative about it. If you want to have a dragon in the syndicate PM me the profile FIRST so I can say yay or nay. Name: Age: Race: Syndicate member: Reason: (Only if you’re in the Syndicate) Powers/magic items: (If applicable) Strengths: (at least 1) Weaknesses: (at least 1) Personality/History: MEMBERS/POST ORDER: Faze's Raithe Tri's Ciatious Krys' Tarzyk FAQ- Q. Can my character be half-dragon half-human/faerie? A. Genetics and Anatomy say NO. Q. Can my character be half-human half-faerie? A. Sort of. Your character can had a human parent and a faerie parent but you can only be born one or the other. E.g. a male fae and a female human have 2 children. The first is born with magic and is therefore a faerie. Their next child has no magic and is therefore human. Q. Are Faeries allowed in the Syndicate? A. Of course! Faeries can hate/fear dragons too. Q. How long does a faerie live? A. It is unknown how long a faerie can live if living in ideal conditions E.g. Never gets sick, healthy diet, isn't killed by another being however; the oldest known faerie was recorded to be about 600 years old when they died due to illness.
  13. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    Oh, right. Ha. Forgot my own posting order already. XD

    When I play on a new world I usually make a tall tower to mark where my house is, that way I can just look around for the tower. Just have to make sure you don't go far enough that you're out of sight of it, but you'd be surprised how far you can go before you can't see it anymore if you make it tall enough. Also, if you press F3 it will tell you your x y z coordinates and you can simply right that down on a piece of paper. That's what I do if I find someplace interesting and want to keep track of it.
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  16. OOC: Orb of Katoral

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  17. OOC: Orb of Katoral

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  18. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    Take your time, new characters (and players) are welcomed just don't go over board with how many characters you make. XD
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  21. OOC: Orb of Katoral

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  23. OOC: Orb of Katoral

    This is the last weekend for my Halloween job so look for the IC thread this next week or the week after! So sorry it took so long, I should have just waited until all this chaos was over.
  24. OOC: Orb of Katoral

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