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  1. The Doctor said It will take 4 weeks to month to heal and then I have to back for therapy to regain use of right thumb again. It hurts and It sucks to that I broken my right thumb when jammed it when slamming the van back door getting supplies out of the van

  2. I'm back after leaving here for while! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone that see this has a good day,week,or month from now on!

    1. Shadowfaze


      I'm doing Ok thanks. Me and White are starting the Rp's up again

  3. I don't like being made fun for my belief in Dragons and God,It's sad that nobody truly believes that Dragons and God are real so if the people don't believe it don't mean that I can't believe in god or dragons!

    1. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Was not saying you guys on here did make fun of me was saying others did to me saying to you that's sad others don't believe in dragons and God like we do my dragon brothers on here so peace out my dragon brothers in dragons!

  4. I just posted a March 2013 Dragon History of Me and Dragons in Multiverse!

  5. It's My Birthday on Sunday March 22 So Peace Loving Dudes Can Wish Me Happy Birthday! Peace Out Dude!

  6. How are you doing Today Loc?

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    2. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Oh I doing great couldn't be feeling better!

    3. Krystalis


      Hey I finally get your name Helios! You've watched Dragon Drive haven't you?

    4. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Yes I have the Whole Season on DVD with Dragon Drive Holo Cards with the DVDs!

  7. I'm back from grocery shopping and a bunch of new HTTYD food check out my post in HTTYD

  8. I'm going shopping for my grocerys and I'm be back later!

  9. I got a new Blue ray Dvd for my new blue ray player from my friend he gave it to beacuse didn't want the blue ray disc he only wanted the DVD so got the hunger games catching fire blue ray DVD from him for free

  10. I got new 32' Flat Screen Tv and Blue ray DVD player for Christmas

    1. Loc_zsu


      Well, thats just damn fancy hahaha. You got blu-rays to play on it?

    2. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      no but the blue ray player also plays regular plain old dvds which I have have 1000 regular plain old dvds and DVDR Disks taped from tv on my old DVD Recorder of movies and tv shows taped from tv

  11. Happy New Year Everyone Hope you will have great new year what are your new years resolutions?

  12. Merry Christmas Everyone Hope you all have a good Christmas?

    1. Shadowfaze


      Yeah, mine was pretty good, thanks

    2. Dacorian


      Merry Christmas!

    3. Greylight S

      Greylight S

      Sorry this is late. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

  13. This is Crazy It Snowed on Sept 11 here in Rapid City South Dakota