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    I love Sweets,and,Junk Food,Mtn Dew,basketball,mini golf,dragons,dinosaurs,movies,video,computer games and amv's about my favorite shows,movies,and video games like pokemon,digimon,bakugan,beyblade,zoids,dragon drive, dragonaut the resonance,MLP,alpha and omega movie,jurassic park movie,cynder&spyro video game,and,dragon music videos.

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  1. I don't like being made fun for my belief in Dragons and God,It's sad that nobody truly believes that Dragons and God are real so if the people don't believe it don't mean that I can't believe in god or dragons!

    1. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Helios Dharak SennkohCoola

      Was not saying you guys on here did make fun of me was saying others did to me saying to you that's sad others don't believe in dragons and God like we do my dragon brothers on here so peace out my dragon brothers in dragons!