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    Dragons, Sephiroth, art, reading about dragon, spirituality, drawing dragons, viewing dragon art, viewing Sephiroth, horses, conversing with dragons, ferrets and playing with them, oh yah dragons, meditating, collecting dragon themed objects, collecting shiney jewelry(hoarder here), dragons and Sephiroth.
  1. The "I feel..." Thread

    Just watched the fireworks for this years Independence Day celebration. It was fun and it made me feel good yay! :dragonhappy:
  2. A little experiment

    OMG! Square is remaking FF7..., now I just have to get a PS4 between now and whenever it comes out...., weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! so happeeeeeeeeee :lol: :dragonhappy: XD :P SEPHIROTH! :wub:
  3. A little experiment

    Woot! I got peeps, they keep me up with their peeping but they are so cute. I have to keep them in my room cause they'll freeze outside still kinda to cold for them cause they don't have a mom to sit on them to keep them warm.
  4. Star Wars Episode VII

    This is a new one looks awesome :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngElkyQ6Rhs
  5. Star Wars Episode VII

    Well I saw this and it looks great..., awwwwwww!!! have to wait til December though. I think all the previous movies came out in May. :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVrefxF0Xxg okay fixed the link
  6. A little experiment

    Just listening to some epic music and drawing, :dragonhappy:
  7. Your Orifessional is back in business

    Starting at us, awesome :lol: I also have been away for awhile, but I am back again, yay, and I have missed you and everyone else, too. *hugs*
  8. A little experiment

    It was a real beautiful day, but still kinda cold, I'll be happy when the warmer weather is here. :D
  9. A little experiment

    Ooopsie! Maybe it was munch some crumpets..., :lol:
  10. A little experiment

    Sits to have tea, and play the trumpet...., then flies away, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :lol:
  11. The "I feel..." Thread

    My computer's name is Sephiroth. :dragonhappy: ASUS desktop PC G20AJ Series WNDR4300(Gateway) Processor IntelĀ®Core(JM)is-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20GHz Installed memory (RAM) 8.00 GB system type 64 bit operating system x64 based processor And I have a 23 inch Samsung monitor. All together with warranty and 2 year service plan it was 1400 US, which I got with my income tax return money. So I am happy I can run Photoshop with it, without any problems.
  12. The Supernatural

    Yes I have spirit guides that I have regular contact with. One night I saw my grandfather walking from his bedroom down the hall to the kitchen. then after a while thought wow he sure is taking a long time in there to get a snack. I was just about ready to check on him, then remembered he had passed away two weeks before. I have seen shadows that didn't have a physical body to make them. I heard footsteps in our living room. Some people are afraid to spend the night here. The cats watch things that no one else sees. People see a little girl playing in our front yard at night, which is odd because we live on a rural road and people don't let their little kids play down by our house, and especially at night. there are no street lights so it's really dark around are house at night(which is awesome for star gazing). So yeah our house definitely has spirits/ghosts. I currently live in Nevada, where the Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51 are, so yeah there are always unexplained phenomenon around :lol:
  13. How to Train your Dragon

    OMG! you ate the little dragons, that's kinda mean. :P
  14. The "I feel..." Thread

    Yay! I has a new computer, it's fun and happy, I'm having a great time with it. :lol: