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  1. A holler from me.

    Hi everyone. Life and adulthood once again have conspired to rob me of the time to check back on you guys. I've been busy as hell. To think it's been fourteen years since I first met you all. I want to get in touch with some of the old guys if you are all still hanging around the joint.
  2. Your Orifessional is back in business

    I am a bored dragon returning because I'm currently staying with your local Orifesional.
  3. I heard there was heresy.

    Zhuge! -dives on and nuzzles- Hay Mate!
  4. Hi guys, Since the transition from MSN messanger to skype years back I have lost touch with so many of you all and I find myself wanting to get back in touch and see how the old dragon family is kicking about in the big game called life. I'm using Skype nowdays so you can reach me on the following Valoren for Skype midnight.dragon@hotmail.com for pretty much everything else. Love you guys and hope to talk soon. Val
  5. Returning after a long absence

    And I'm back again; Sorry I've had tons of assessments in the past month! How is everyone?
  6. Returning after a long absence

    Wow I can't believe how many of you guys are still here i'm so glad I returned!
  7. Returning after a long absence

    I had no idea so many of you were still haunting this place! Ever since Skype took over MSN messenger I've lost touch with most of you.
  8. Returning after a long absence

    Cheers mate good to see you again!
  9. Hello guys and girls, figured I'd drop by and see if this place was still kicking, I haven't been back in several years, hopefully some of the older members remember me, to those who don't I'm Valoren, a big white Australian dragon with gold eyes to those who know that side of me. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the newbies and getting back in touch with old hands. Talk soon guys. Val.
  10. Back again

    Hey guys, as a means to motivate myself with my writing I'll be posting bits of my novel into the writers section to be reviewed by all of you dragon lovers, I'd appriciate the reviews since im trying to drag myself out of a years long cycle of writers block, the first bits in the writers section now if you care to check it out. Its good to be back here... Oooroo for now Val
  11. Hey guys, I've been fussing and growling over finally getting this b****** of a novel published that I've been sitting on for about 5 years now and I was never happy with it. So I figured I'd put parts of it up for review just to get a general consensus on if its any good, or awesome or really crappy. So honest opinions please, and here it is, This is pretty much my revised opening to the story after the prolouge. Here goes, please comment. Blood, in all of his fifteen years Vidkian had never seen so much of it, fresh wet scarlet spattered the ground which slowly mixed into the thicker half dried brown blood and thin sand used to soak the whole mess up. The ancient stone beneath was pockmarked from the last few thousand years of sweat and stamping toe claws but the blood seeped into those cracks, keeping the whole thing smooth and even. Tens of thousands of years ago that stone had probably been white limestone like the rest of the temple, now it was a mass of sandy red and black from the ages of combat done here, and this blood covered ground was it’s center, the most blood soaked, pitted, ugly and sacred of the temple’s places. Soon his own blood was going to soak into some patch of that stone. He shuddered as the flat of the legion battlemaster's sword slammed into the unfortunate drake’s cheek sending teeth, blood and spit flying as he crumpled to the ground. Even as he was dragged away by the temple’s aides, the next in line was given a training sword and shoved none too lightly into the battle circle, drake and master saluted, then the fray started again. Each drake that crossed the line of the battle circle knew the outcome of the fight before it started. You’d lose, against full grown dragons with decades of experience with war what could a mere drake with three years compulsory martial training hope for? “Ever think we should have tried for the army Vidkian?†The question snapped him back to the screams and roars of the drakes around him, he turned to the azure scaled female on his left. “The army doesn’t demand blood for the chance to join, but we didn’t spend seven years training to be some common solider.†He grinned at her. “At least I didn’t, not too sure about you though.†She glared and hit him in the shoulder He watched the Legion’s battle master move through his next series of strikes keeping the drake that faced him on the defense, hard green eyes, back swept horns, red scales browned with sand and sweat, thick corded muscles and not a trace of tail fat. A fireblood like himself, only this dragon was harder than he’d ever probably be in his life. he stepped lightly and quietly oblivious to the cheers and screams around him. each footfall was deliberate like he was hunting prey. Sweat flew off the snout and wings of the drake who sparred with him as he clumsily parried a blow then skipped out of reach, gripping his dulled training sword far too tight, It was the only thing between him and his own blood coating a fresh patch of sand. The battlemaster stepped forward and checked a clumsy counterstrike then stepped forward and slammed the pommel of his sword into the drake’s wrist sending the sword clattering to the ground. Tears flooded the drakes eyes, he knew it was over, and he knew he had failed, he was chased from the ring by jeers from the crowd. Panic set in the features of the drake who went next he stumbled into the ring and snatched at the training sword that the aide held out, then rushed, screaming out his fear and anger, there was no attempt at a stance, Vidkian watched the drake surge foward, blade raised behind his head like an axe and that moment Vidkian knew it was over for him. The sword swung down and the battlemaster stepped to the side and seized him by the throat and tapped his blade with the flat sending his sword clattering to the ground. He’d held it too tight. When he struggled he lifted him clear off the ground by one claw, and the drake thrashed like a lizard in a flame viper’s hold. Hard for a few seconds, then accepting the fate that awaited, he went limp. “This is not a life for you son.†He ran the edge of a nail across the drakes cheek, letting a few drops of blood hit the ground, as was custom, and then set him down on his feet. He didn’t stand a chance, half these drakes probably won’t fare much better. Most of them had no thickness in the chest or arm or hardness in the stomach and tail. Vidkian flexed his claws and watched the muscles in his arm bunch up. None of the others here came close to him and he’d trained hard for years to get his hardened body. The battlemaster studied the line and shook his head. He left the bloodstained training sword with the aide, wiped his claws on his tunic then shook the sweat from his wings. Each drake took a step back as he paced up and down the line, pausing to study each drake in turn. “Those who aren’t ready, you can try again next year. Whoever stays is going to get thrashed. You’ll either make it, or I’ll break you.†He cracked his claws loudly, one by one at least half the drakes stepped back. “This isn’t the army, you can’t go in fat and come out fit, this is the legion. You come in fit, you might come out a legionary and the rest of you in this line are going to bleed for the right to try!†Vidkian held his ground as the last sentence was screamed in his face, He’s trying to goad us, make us afraid. On some of them it worked, another drake stepped back and the battlemaster didn't even turn his head as he left. He moved to the female on his left. “Arms out.†Vidkian gritted his teeth, she was smirking at the battlemaster smirking! Sereka always did that before a fight, all the years she’d sparred with him she’d worn that little lopsided smile, He was used to it. But a smirk before a sparring match with your best friend and a smirk at the dragon you knew was going to thrash you were different things. He tapped her behind the leg with his tail which wiped the grin off her face. Too late, the battlemaster’s green eyes simply stared at her. “Well you’ve got some horns don’t you.†His face jabbed closer until it was a finger length from hers. “Must think you’re real good.†“Compared to the last three you fought, yes, compared to you, no.†The smirk came back. “Sereka!†Vidkian hissed under his breath. She ignored it. The battlemaster cupped the muscle of her bicep and pressed a thumb into the muscle of her wrist then examined her tail and chest. “Perhaps you are. You train hard. You’ll fight next.†Her confident smile vanished and was replaced by a look of anxiety, her claw tightened down on the grip of her blade, Vidkian caught her eyes as she glanced at him. You’ll be fine. He mouthed. “Name.†“Sereka, Sereka Flame Waker†The battlemaster’s aide scribbled in the ledger. “The Flamewakers? Your father made quite a name for himself in the great war, his spirit will watch you today.†“I’m a ward of state and if the legion will have me. It will be my family.†The battle master smiled briefly then readied his blade “Well said.†She dropped into a half crouch, it was a stance wider than his but she had always been deceptively fast in it, waiting for the blow to come in then parrying and striking like a snake. The battlemaster circled carefully, beginning the slow stalk again that he had done with each drake, probing for a weakness, Sereka left few. “I know what your doing. It won’t work with me.†she commented, the trace of a grin flashed across her face. He stepped in and thrusted low and hard aiming for her stomach, Sereka twisted on her heels and parried then whipped the blade around her head and went for his collarbone, the cut met the flat of his sword, she kicked for his knee and winced as he checked it with the hard bone of his shin. She might as well had kicked a pillar. She took a palm to her shoulder which twisted her body and rolled backward as the battlemaster’s shin slammed into the back of her knee. She sprawled, hacked for his ankles and took a kick on her forearms that was aimed for her side. Vidkian gritted his teeth, Sereka was strong and hard, but like any female fighter she could never match a male for raw power. She landed flat on her back then drove her heels into the bridge between foot and ankle. The battlemaster had gritted his teeth then stepped back as she swung her legs around to take his legs. She was on her feet in seconds throwing her fastest strikes, keeping him on the defensive, she weaved in and out and around him like a fencer probing for a moment of hesitation, a faltered step, then changed her stance to a more solid one. The battlemaster parried the next few cuts effortlessly and smiled at her. “You’re not going to find an opening with me, either create one or put your sword down. You’ve passed, bleed as is custom.†She grinned. “You first.†The battlemaster's eyes narrowed, he tapped her cheek with the flat and seized her thumb, the blade flew from her claws. Before he could tackle her she c***ed her leg back and sent it flying into his groin. Vidkian covered himself and winced. The battlemaster doubled over and grunted. Her claws swept down and slashed across his cheek. The aides gasped. Drakes cheered. The battlemaster’s fist bunched. Oh no it slammed into her stomach. She doubled over, looked at the violet bruise that was already forming on her stomach. Vomited then fell gasping for breath. “Yeild.†She nodded and curled up in pain. He swiped the tip of his sword across her cheek then pulled her to her feet. “Welcome to you’re new life.†Aides clapped, drakes cheered. Vidkian helped her walk as she staggered from the circle. “I did it!†she laughed then doubled over and vomited again. An aide threw her arm around his shoulders and helped her to the benches. Vidkian wiped the sweat from his claws and took the dull training sword held out to him, he’d wanted to rush to her side and carry her himself but he had work to do here, they had chirurgeons nearby in case of any serious injury and Sereka was even harder than she looked. He steeled his nerves and swung the training sword, through a pattern of cuts and went through his stances. The sword was poorly balanced and too heavy on the pommel but it was going to have to do. The battlemaster wiped the grip of his sword “Friend of yours?†he flicked an ear towards Sereka. “My best. Known her all my life, fought with her since I could walk..†“Who wins?†“You’ll figure it out.†He grinned. The aide returned and scribbled a new entry in the ledger “Name.†“Vidkian.†Seconds stretched into an awkward silence, finally the blade master looked up. “Come on Yezir I don’t have all bloody day! Full name!†The aide’s quill paused. Here it comes Vidkian sighed and jabbed his fingers at the black mark on his cheek, It was a better response than ‘I don’t have one’ the battle master squinted, then seemed to recognize the magical insignia. “A ward of the old empire. I see, you must have been among the last to be marked by look of you.†“I was.†He gritted his teeth in annoyance, why did they all have to point out the bloody obvious? The battlemaster’s expression softened a little, Vidkian flinched as he was slapped none too softly on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, the only marks that matter in the legion are your rank and your scars. Pass today and you will have a family.†Sympathy, a touch of it at least, gods he hated that. “Don’t go easy on me.†He hissed as he brought the blade to his shoulder then out in a salute, he held onto the twinge of anger and stoked it inside of him until it was a quiet controlled tension in his muscles, “I wouldn’t for the emperor’s son lad.†He meant it. The amount of blood strewn about the field was proof of that. Vidkian snorted out his breath and sucked in a lungful of air then surged forward in an under cut then turned his wrist to aim for his temple. Rising wind changes. The cut was fast and hard to read, designed to shock the opponent into an instinctive and incorrect defense. But it was never going to work on a hardened blade dragon who was trained in the move. He simply ducked and lunged with the point. Vidkian slipped underneath and stepped around him then went for his spine letting his arm flow through the movement, he took the battlemaster’s parry without it jolting his wrist, the sound was just right, the keening ring of steel meeting steel. He swept his sword low, feinted and stabbed high from low guard, switched his grip to halfsword and pushed a searching thrust away with the cross-guard then grabbed the sword by the blade and threw the crossguard between the battlemaster's nostrils. Vidkian wheeled back and kept the grip on the sword light switching back to hanging guard. His stance was good, everything was where it was meant to be and he’d scored a hit. The Battlemaster laughed in surprise and took a cautious step back. “Didn’t know they’d taught you drakes falling hammer, risky without finger wraps. I like you, your the first to take the fight to me.†He covered his left nostril and blew blood from his right. Vidkian felt something warm trickling down his fingers but didn’t take his eyes off the battlemaster’s sword. He sidestepped, dodged the next two thrusts and parried a cut which would have hit him in the throat. The Battlemaster’s eyes narrowed, he was on guard. The next cut simply appeared in front of him in a flash of movement. Vidkian back stepped and whipped his sword up, the cut slid across his flat and went past him. Vidkian threw his pommel into the battlemaster’s stomach and took an elbow between his nostrils for his trouble. His eyes watered, burned, he tasted vomit and swallowed, took a cut on the crossguard that would have crushed his collarbone, displaced it then stepped and slashed the battlemaster across his cheek, whipping his head to the side. A hit. “Hold.†He said firmly, the edge of the training swords were never sharpened even a dull edge could still cut, he touched at the line of blood then a smile crept across his face. “I think you’re going to do well with us lad.†He touched the blade to his shoulder. “Care to continue?†There was a hint of something in his tone. Don’t say yes, he’ll thrash you for that. “Of course.†Oh well don’t listen to me then. His next two steps were easy enough to read, forward then left, the cut came low, the wrist turned, the sword lifted. And then changed course, higher, higher, head hight. His guard was too low, the move was fast, faster than anything he’d ever done or seen, it was beautiful, perfect, and it was really going to hurt. The edge slammed into the sweet spot on his jaw and the world tumbled over and over then the ground smacked him hard across the face. Sharp pain a moment later brought his attention back from the gut churning spinning behind his eyelids. He opened his mouth and shut it, the left side of his jaw screamed with pain, nothing was broken but he was going to be drinking a lot of broth and eating very little for a week by the feel of it. He felt the cold point of the battlemasters sword pressing into his throat. “Would you care to try again?†Vidkian swallowed. “No zar†The battle master lowered his sword. “Well done
  12. Sad news. PLEASE READ.

    I hope she finds peace in the summerland mate. I'm here if you need my ear.
  13. Riddle me this...

    Fireplaces have hinges ya silly bikkie!
  14. I'm Back

    The Bikkie has taken over le profile of teh Valorenz! For he was stupid. And gave me his new password. Things will happen kiddies! Nah not really I'm too lazy. This is Ori by the way :I Being a bored derptard. SO NOW YOU KNOW WHY HE HASN'T REPLIED. Dipshizzle forgot his password yo. He'll be on laters.