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  1. Music you say?

    Haha I remember your insanely big music collection! Far too much time if you ask me :P Here's one I like from Timeflies Tuesday, it's a remix of the Heroes song which has been all over the charts but better! It's a cheery song which makes me want to dance :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjwm8MOvVMM
  2. The "I feel..." Thread

    I did! Was a really bizarre wedding as it was in a barn and we all camped on the farmers field. There were also hired rides and an icecream truck haha. I'm up late as I've been to spin class at the gym and I'm HYPER HYPER HYPER :)
  3. The "I feel..." Thread

    Happy happy happy! (And a bit stressed!) It's my uncle's wedding tomorrow so lots going off and many things to get done :D :D :D
  4. The "I feel..." Thread

    Have fun camping loc! Happy birthday for the other day as well. Feeling good as im going to meet some old work colleagues for a drink and a dance!
  5. The "I feel..." Thread

    Feeling excited! It's all go here as my uncle is getting married on the 8th August so lots of planning, dress fittings etc going on! :dragonhappy:
  6. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    And some more!
  7. A little experiment

    No way! Will it be the same story or are they updating/ extending it? :)
  8. The "I feel..." Thread

    Feeling summery and enjoying the heatwave which is hitting the UK atm! ^_^;;
  9. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Woohoooo :fire: :fire: :fire:
  10. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    I really want to do this at work :dragonhappy:
  11. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Love it loc! It's deadline day tomorrow and this sums up how i feel :P :lol:
  12. A little experiment

    Looking forward to halloween! Pumpkin carving, a party in london and many other festivities to come this week! :D
  13. Your turn on KOH loc!

  14. A little experiment

    The rain was dreadful this week :/ Glad it's cheered up now though :)
  15. New dragon flying in!

    Heya! Welcome to the forum hope you enjoy it here :)