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  1. *waves his tailspade* Need to get around here more often...sorry for my absence. Just Life, the Universe, and Everything.

  2. A little experiment

    Rawr rawr, rawrdy rawr.
  3. Sleep, why do you flee me? Like a spirit on the wind, I can't seem to catch you.

  4. ED Facebook Group

    Yeah, it's a bit wierd that we have more people liking the facebook page then go to this website.
  5. I'm a Dragon Kin and I'm a Dragon Furry Introductions

    Hello Helios, welcome to E-D. And wow, that's a lot of information! I've not seen that much info in a introductions post before, well done. :P
  6. ED and the New Users

    Hurrawr! ^.=.^
  7. A little experiment

    A little experiment full of science, I wonder how this goes.
  8. ED and the New Users

    Okay, thanks for the info Loc. Hopefully things will quiet down with the spammers.
  9. A Dragons Treasure

    The only dragon things I have are a book, and two statues which have been discontinued. They're old, from the 80's I believe, and are chipped in some places.
  10. A little experiment

    Hallowed and hollow, echoing with memories and dust.
  11. You win this time Seal Team Six!!!

    1. Loc_zsu


      Is that the Time Seal of Rassilon?

    2. NeoN


      Next Time Gadget!

  12. A little experiment

    I know the feeling Loc. Beds are very comfortable...
  13. A little experiment

    Silly Loc, not even I know what I'm doing. :P
  14. DIY Costumes, Cosplays, and Props.

    That was a great vid Black. You did the Freeman costume very well. As for me, I've not had anything significant for Halloween. I suppose I could wear my soviet Gas Mask, but, meh.