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  1. I heard there was heresy.

    Welcome back!
  2. A little experiment

    Finally able to be a little more active. Just settled into a new job. Couldn't be happier c:
  3. A little experiment

  4. Your Orifessional is back in business

    I come with a chauffeur hat now.
  5. Your Orifessional is back in business

    Thank you Helios <3
  6. Your Orifessional is back in business

    I fixed that I swear. Don't type things up when you're tired. It doesn't work too awfully well! Miss you too bebs <:
  7. Hey guys! I know it looks like I've been dreadfully absent, but I've been staring at you all from afar. I swear. Your local Orifessional is back full time to keep an eye on you wonderful little butts. Expect some new topics and maybe some cleaning and tidying whenever my brain works. But in all seriousness, miss you guys, and love you guys. See you around the place, Ori
  8. I'm almost exclusively on facebook messenger these days https://www.facebook.com/Orealisk I also have gmail: Orealisk[at]gmail.com And skype I'm kinda getting back in but I'm rarely on: Orealisk
  9. New dragon flying in!

    Welcome welcome!
  10. Returning after a long absence

    Yes. Cheese. A delicious cheese.
  11. The "I feel..." Thread

    Feeling happier. Got out of a miserable room with a controlling lady and now have my own desk in an office with a bunch of men that know what they're talking about. Hallelujah!
  12. The "I feel..." Thread

    Start my new work on wednesday <3 Very happy
  13. The "I feel..." Thread

    Wonderful ^w^ Getting a promotion.
  14. ED Facebook Group

    I try to be on a lot but ever since I got a new job I work 40+ hours a week on top of basic house upkeep :/
  15. I'm a Dragon Kin and I'm a Dragon Furry Introductions

    Welcome and enjoy