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  1. A little experiment

    Behold, my powers of necromancy have brought a fashion of life to this thread! Loc
  2. A holler from me.

    Think that all you will find is some ghosts floating around this place, young Val. Loc
  3. A little experiment

    I really need to make logging into here a more common thing! Keep getting side tracked with other stuff, though!! Loc
  4. A little experiment

    I would say I feel your pain, but its not a position I have been in, thankfully. All I can say is that I hope you find yourself some work sooner rather than later!! Loc
  5. Music you say?

    Damn, I came to share the Immigrant Song, and it was the last one I shared!! That's no good!! I will need to hunt around some more.... Loc
  6. The "I feel..." Thread

    I saw your pictures on fb of that! You looked like you had fun!! I am doing alright at the moment! Work is done and I am kicking back =] Loc
  7. Boom, shake shake the room!!

  8. The "I feel..." Thread

    I am knackered! Just got back in from a train journey from Newcastle to home (that's about 5-6 hours on a train) after doing a whole days training there! But, no work now until the 30th!! I am going to spend my time going on holiday with the missus, going camping. Cant wait! So excited!! Loc
  9. A little experiment

    It looks to be a straight up remake, at the moment. Whether that means they will add content or not, though.... time will tell on that front!! It is a hot topic for many gamers I converse with, at the moment, as FF7 is a game that is near and dear to many of them, lots of debates about how certain things will be done, and the likes. And thats alright, Krys =] My life has been keeping me rather busy of late, so I haven't been posting as much as I would like! And I too am suffering from writers block. It needs to sod off, pronto!! Loc
  10. Music you say?

    I have played the first FNAF, or at least part of it. Never paid an aweful lot of attention to the music, if I am honest! Thats a good track, though! As for my addition, seeing as I have been doing a lot of sorting of music lately, I have been listening to all sorts of tracks. This time round, I will share with you my favorite Led Zepplin track! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/TRjH_gJbUqQ Loc
  11. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    More dragon stuff!! Loc
  12. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Who doesn't enjoy the likes of Pokemon and Digimon? Loc
  13. Music you say?

    I am in the middle of the rather long process of re-importing all my music onto iTunes after getting essentially a brand new rig. I am using it as a good time to clean up my music folders, too. Renaming stuff, sticking songs into correct album folders etc. To give you some scope of the task, my Music folder is about 330GB in size, and has around 49k files in it. This will take a while. But, the reason I post this here, is because its also giving me a good chance to listen to some songs I had completeley forgotten about! Such as the one below, Crazy by Gnarls Barkley! Enjoy! https://youtu.be/bd2B6SjMh_w Loc
  14. Take a GIF, leave a GIF

    Hahaha that looks like fun! Loc
  15. A little experiment

    Heya folks and folkettes!! I must apologise, I have been rather lax in logging onto here of late. There is no real justifiable reason for it, I just sort of... didn't =/ Bad me!! Lets see if I can change that!! Loc