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  1. Your Orifessional is back in business

  2. A little experiment

    Morning, been working on replacing my laptop with a x99 desktop. Iv been buying parts as they go on sale, heres what i got so far. Got 2 new monitors for cheap, and an ssd, still have a ways to go. Spent all day cleaning, and still have a ways to go with that still.
  3. A little experiment

    That makes sense, thanks. I have an idea of what to put now, hopefully ill be bale to set it up tonight.
  4. A little experiment

    Also as an update to EotNS: http://www.empireofthenewsun.com/post/109344954675/j-some-of-the-results-from-the-custom-character http://www.empireofthenewsun.com/post/109454488861/j-more-of-the-results-from-the-custom-character http://www.empireofthenewsun.com/post/109528121941/j-more-results-from-the-custom-character They have started fulfilling some of the funding commissions and mines one of them that's been done (see image below). This campaign commission was to convert a character of your into a "Dracocanid" and be inserted in to the cannon of the universe, the artwork being a reference sheet with some basic back story of this conversion. In the blog links above you will find other peoples characters who also participated for the reference as well as a couple scene commissions. This Is some great material and i hope i can catch up documenting the information on this blog to the wiki, currently they are updating faster then I can do that. My goal with the wiki right now is to gather and add information from the blog and document it on there before it goes "live" so when people do show up there it has a starting set of information and not just an empty site. I'm also working on a forum which i think i mentioned above. its all set up im just stuck with how i want to organize the categories. any suggestions? The intention of the forums is to be a place where people can share and collaborate in the story building and world building of this universe. I don't have much experience with writing or story building so I'm kinda lost when it comes to this.
  5. Hey val, your late, I'm starting to work my way out of Skype (im getting fed up with it) i still use it but not often.I dont recall if i already have you on there or not, im sure im also missing other people from this comunity. My contacts: Skype: Ikagara.siantu Telegram: Ikagara eMail: Blackdragon.BD21@gmail.com Steam: Ikagara
  6. A little experiment

    Good luck, here in america Comcast wont let you cancel anymore :P
  7. A little experiment

    The Makerbot replicator original was 2k when we got it. There are better alternatives to makerbot like Ultimaker for a more expensive higher end hobby printer and Printrbot simple kit (400$USD) On the other end.
  8. A little experiment

    Here is a live stream of my 3d printer working. I set up this livestream for my personally so i can remotely monitor the condition of the print so in case of a failure i can remotely stop it to avoid wasting plastic or potential damages. As of this post it is printing half of a fantacy house roof which will take about 12 hours. This house will be painted used for tabletop miniatures. (like warhammer or warmachines)
  9. A little experiment

    I hope they do include some scenes from the extended since some of them do add things that where in the book like the the introduction of the dwarfs to Beorn.
  10. A little experiment

    Its a story set on an a WWII style era. it started out as a plan for a graphic novel, and the two artists worked together uploading sample and test scenes which looked pretty much like a screen grab from a movie. The project went on hold and died, but they still liked the idea behind it and the universe they created so they started this project where they wanted to make it a collaborative universe to allow other people to write stories and create their own cannon in that universe. the two artists invovled: jennadelle http://commissionsbyj.tumblr.com/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/commissionsbyj/ Reagan Lodge: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sulacoyote/ http://reaganlodge.com/ some additional images: http://commissionsbyj.tumblr.com/post/101867126520/empireofthenewsun-www-empireofthenewsun-com http://commissionsbyj.tumblr.com/post/79292536126/more-images-by-jennadelle-from-the-development-of http://commissionsbyj.tumblr.com/post/74324497197/more-images-by-jennadelle-from-the-development-of http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11078005/ http://www.furaffinity.net/full/11084726/ That sounds pretty cool, ill have to see if i can find this. my gf is really into the LotR and Hobbit series so she should enjoy that. Do you know if it grabs scenes from the extended movies or just the normal ones?
  11. A little experiment

    I have been working on building a new forum/wiki for a collaborative fictional universe called "Empire of the New Sun" (http://www.empireofthenewsun.com/) They had a crowd funding campaign so the two of them could focus on developing content and a 'starter kit' full time for people who want to contribute or be a part of the universe. I asked them if they where planning on building a community site with a message board where people could use to collaborate but they said they don't have the time or resources to get that set up or to maintain it and would leave it up to the community to do that. So I thought Id give that a shot. I got the wiki and forum installed on a VPS and now I'm configuring and customizing them. I don't have the technical experience with this too much but I'm learning and its progressing nicely. I think the wiki is compleatly set up, I just need to make some custom graphics for the logo and other things and figure out why its not sending verification emails. The forum is further behind, I just got it installed. It seems like ill need to do more work on editing the theme and i need to figure out how I should organize the forum's categories. So that's what iv been doing in my free time the past couple weeks.
  12. A little experiment

    Got it fixed yesterday. its all good now, the alternator had an internal issue and the unit had to be replaced. business trip? where to?
  13. A little experiment

    So it seems that the alternator died on my car :/ its in the shop now lets see what they say.
  14. A little experiment

    i dont know, need to do some reasearch on that.
  15. A little experiment

    when is a mater of money. once we save up enough and i line up another job over there it'll happen.