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Found 1 result

  1. Helios Dharak SennkohCoola Peace,Love,Harmony,and Healing The amulet of peace,love,harmony,and healing for the Multiverse was created by me Helios Dharak SennkohCoola A Savage Heart Warrior Moosha Star-Born Dragon-Human Leader,Protecter,Healing Ruler, and Lover of Dragonkind in the Multiverse! The Dragon War Against Shadow and his Shadow Dragons my me Helios Dharak SennkohCoola A Savage Heart Warrior Star-Born Dragon-Human and my Light Dragons is Over in the Multiverse! So This My This My Dragon History of Me and Dragons in Multiverse! I A Savage Heart Warrior Moosha Star-Born Dragon-Human Helios Dharak SennkohCoola Leader and Protector of Dharak Dragon Mates This Truely Happened To Me Three Months Ago and Few Years Ago on March 1, 2013 I feel like total complete failure in my life that I got a demon possessed again and It wasn't the first time I have had to cleanse and seal my apt from evil demons that talk to me and possessed me before I think it's a dragon speaking to me and It's a damn demon again so I had to have my real dragons that are with me to cleanse and seal my apt again with my real dragons that live me being me a real savage heart warrior moosha star-dragon that I can't say that I'm human because I not human I'm a savage heart warrior moosha star-dragon that takes a human form that I shifted from my true dragon form to a Dragon-Human Form The proof is on my right hand with the mark of two overlapping heart dragon blood veins that form on my right hand in dragon-human form and when in Real Dragon Form in the multiversal astral plane that I live sometimes but can't live anymore because of all the fighting on multiversal astral plane that everything was destroyed and are home was burned out by fire so nothing left of my on multiversal astral plane but burned out buildings and ashes left from the the 10 year long war on the multiversal astral plane and alot of real dragon brothers of mine died here on the multiversal astral plane so It's very painful to go back on live here to be reminded of loss of dragon life so we that my dragon brothers and me had to flee to earth with 69+ dragon mates of mine that were bonded me at the time so me and my 69+ dragons flee to escape to destruction of multiversal astral plane that I lived with my real dragons so that's my true story of what happened to me and my real dragon brothers on multiversal astral plane.