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Found 7 results

  1. I look around, seeing everyone bustling around the tavern and smile. "Who's up for a song?" A rousing cheer emits from the patrons as I take a stance near the middle of the room. There are very few tables here and I can see almost the whole tavern, across the wall from the door, the gold dragonborn barkeep wipes a glass clean with a smile. He knows I bring in the customers around these parts. "How about the 'Halfman's Song'?" Another rousing cheer. It's not a fast song, but it is definitely a crowd favorite. The glint of a pin in the back catches my eye and there's a noD from a man with frizzled gray hair, sitting amongst the shadows. There's my contact. I smile and start my tune, the winged cat, Timber, rousing from my shoulders as our act begins. As I begin to play on my lute sparks fly and rings of flame appear in the air for Timber to pass through. As I reach the chorus, the flames around the room flicker with an eerie green light before returning to normal. "Beware, beware, of the words I twist, I am small but my reach is long, and the ravens, black against the winter's mist are whispering the halfman's song." I keep playing as the patrons sing along with the chorus, before slowly ending my tune, Timber's antics ending. The sound of the lute fades as an eerie whisper seems to come from the walls themselves "They are whispering the Halfman's song.....". "Thank you, thank you," I say. "Buy some drinks if you want to help me keep playing in here, lads, the barkeep says I don't come cheap!" With a wink and a laugh I make my way to a table and sit down alone, a halfling waitress bringing over my usual small cup of wine and says, "That was a fantastic performance as usual, Zily! We could use some new songs too, if you find the time to write! These boys would keep you playing all night if you let them!" She giggles and gives a sly wink and before I can say a word, bustles off to help the next table. I shake my head, knowing I already have someone waiting for me to come home to Stagwick, clear up in the north mountains, and takes a sip of my wine as I look over to the guy in the back. I know he's waiting for more of the group to show. Apparently, there would be more. I take out a set of tarot cards and begin playing a game until they arrive.
  2. Favourite Dragon Pics

    So, the title says it all, really! I want you guys to show me some of your favourite dragon pictures that you have come across in your journeys of the internet! I shall go first with this picture that makes me squee whenever I see it!! I absolutely love it!! Anyone care to share? Feel free to double post if you want to add another to the collection before someone else has posted. I will allow it in this thread =P Loc
  3. A new dragon lover

    Hello, I'm Selene. And dragons are my most favorite creatures in the universe. I like to be around dragons. I'm not really good at introductions so I guess I'll just end mine here. Feel free to ask me anything. Selene (photo too big to upload so a link to my deviantart :3) http://twilightselene.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-3-497168549
  4. ED Wiki: Bahamut

    So, I have been working on adding something to the ED Wiki for a little while now, and I felt I had enough to actually put something on there! Rather than posting it twice, I decided to start up a system for pages made on the ED Wiki. When you post a page, you can create a thread for it here. This allows people to come on and post comments and/or make suggestions for content to be added or amended. With that bit out of the way, here is the link to the page on the ED Wiki to do with the dragon Bahamut. http://everything-dragon.wikispaces.com/Bahamut Have a read and let me know what you think below. Post any suggestions as well, and I will be happy to take them on board. Loc
  5. Dungeons and Dragons

    So, I am sure you have all heard of D&D, and if not, that is impressive. It is something that I, along with Faze (and the long lost Tressen) have dabbled with on occasion. Within the next few weeks, we will be taking another stab at playing said game, seeing as it is something we would all like to do. So, what I want to know is, do any of you out there play D&D? Or, have you played it in the past? Share your experiences, people! Loc
  6. OOC: Skyrim Adventures

    OOC: Skyrim Adventures Info box: Type: Public Genre: Fantasy, Action, Dragons Level: Advanced For ages: 14+ Hello all! For a while now, I have wanted to do an RP set in the world of Skyrim, but I just haven’t been entirely sure of how to go about it. The other day, though, whilst walking to work, I had an idea. This RP stems from that idea. Having knowledge of Skyrim helps, but isn’t completely essential! Elder Scrolls Wiki Races of Skyrim (Ten races of Tamriel) The events of this RP follow the game as if the Dragonborn was doing the main quest, right up to the first time he encounters Alduin and attempts to defeat him with the Dragonrend shout. In the game, Alduin ends up fleeing. In this RP, however, that isn’t what happens. During that pivotal fight, although the Dragonrend shout succeeded in bringing Alduin down to the ground, the Dragonborn did not have the power or skill needed to vanquish his foe, and instead was defeated himself. With potentially the only person able to defeat him gone, Alduin carried on with his reign of terror against Skyrim, raising the dragons from their graves in order to conquer all of Tamriel. Having been present at the defeat of the Dragonborn, and not wanting to see Tamriel fall into chaos and destruction, Parthunaax, one of the few dragons to stand against Alduin the first time, orders his followers, the Greybeards, to join him in the fight against Alduin. Although reluctant at first, the Greybeards eventually agreed to help their master and began the search to find a way to defeat Alduin. Knowing that without a Dragonborn, they could not truly kill him, Parthunaax and the Greybeards built a powerful magic prison in the heart of a mountain with the aid of an Elder Scroll. After a long battle, the Greybeards and Parthunaax trapped Alduin, sealing him away within the mountain before blocking all ways of getting to him. Parthunaax, and the other dragons that remained, quickly learnt that trapping Alduin inside his prison had come at a cost. Whereas before they could only be defeated if their soul, their essence, was absorbed by someone such as the Dragonborn, those that Alduin had resurrected has now lost that protection. This new found mortality scared the remaining dragons, who stopped their attacks on Skyrim and pleaded to Parthunaax to help them. Together, with the Greybeards, Parthunaax spoke with the leaders of the Holds of Skyrim, and a treaty was arranged, an end to the hostilities. Although all of them eventually agreed to the treaty, most in Skyrim are still very cautious of the dragons, some still wanting to be rid of their kind. The dragons themselves now spend most of their time trying to stay away from the populated areas of Skyrim, for fear of attack from wayward attackers looking for glory. Life carries on in Skyrim, most not realising that beneath the mountain where Parthunaax rests upon its peak, Alduin struggles against his magical prison, just waiting for his chance to escape. So! That’s the basic premise for the RP. There isn’t much of a story, I will admit. It’s the kind of one where I am presenting those that want to join in a world where-in they can do as they please. Obviously, there are a lot of factions in Skyrim, most of who would be changed by interactions involving the Dragonborn. In this RP, all factions are how they would be had the Dragonborn not arrived. The Dark Brotherhood is still lacking their Listener and is still in a state where no one really fears them anymore. The Thieves Guild is still in shambles, again, not taken seriously by anyone, and so on. The Civil War in Skyrim is still ongoing as well, no High King has been appointed and Ulfric Stormcloak is still looking to claim that position as his own. With this RP, you can play as two types of characters. You can play as a normal humanoid individual, or you can play as a dragon. There will be differences between the two in terms of character sheets which I will get to later. There are certain rules, as it were, for this RP (beyond the usual rules, of course). You can not play as a Dragonborn, period. I will allow you to create a character that can use shouts (after all, anyone can learn to shout with the right training), but they will be limited; again something I will go into later. Dragons are the exception to this rule, but only because they are limited elsewhere. Like I said, your character can be pretty much whatever you want of them, so long as it’s within reason of course. I will edit this post later to include a link to the races that are present in Skyrim for those of you that don’t know what is available. If you are using magic, bare in mind the schools of magic present in Skyrim: -Alteration (affect the world around you, such as unlock doors etc) -Conjuration (summon creatures) -Illusion (Trick enemies into fighting each other etc) -Destruction (Standard offensive magic) -Restoration (Healing spells and the such) If you are playing a character who can use magic, remember that it is unlikely they are going to be a master of all spells etc, so do be realistic. Im not saying your character can’t know spells from each, but he or she isn’t going to be able to be fantastic at all of them. When it comes to shouts, if you’re not playing a dragon, you can have a pick of the following (sorry but I cant remember all their names!) You may pick out two from the list, at most: -Unrelenting Force -Fire Breath (Basic) -Ice Breath (Basic) -Whirlwind Sprint -Disarm. As a dragon, you have the same options as above, except your Fire and Ice abilities, if you have them, would be more advanced. You can choose up to four separate shouts from the list above, as well as: -Slow Time -Ethereal Form. -Ice Form. If there are some I have missed, let me know so I can make a decision as to whether it can be included and who can use it etc. And now for the character sheet! Naturally, it’s the standard sheet affair: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Appearance: Abilities: (Put shouts or magic here. If putting magic, please state which) Faction: (if applicable i.e. Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild etc.) Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality: History: I think that is everything for now. Any questions, feel free to ask! Sorry for it being such a long winded post, but there was all sorts of bits and pieces for me to remember! This may get edited slightly as well if I got stuff wrong or forgot stuff etc. Cheers! Loc P.S. This doesn’t really have a name, I know, so for now its just going to be called Skyrim Adventures.
  7. OOC: Infinite Skies

    OOC: Infinite Skies Info box: Type: Public Genre: Action, Dragons Level: Basic For ages: Any For this weeks RP Thursday, 13/09/12, I'm going dragon-themed. I mean totally. There's no humans. Only dragons. Big ones, small ones, good ones, bad ones. On a planet completely inhabited by dragons, a world-destroying cataclysm is coming, in the form of a meteor. On the world, with semi-modern technology and magic combining as one, The last communities are preparing to flee their world and find a new planet, namely the one closest to them, they can see it in the sky. With five great Civilizations, it won't be an easy task. You'll be a refugee on the way to find the space ports in another city, to barter passage off-world. The "new world" isn't empty though. The people there would never have seen a dragon, and they will be afraid. The civilizations work on a tribal system, because the dragons (the Dov- Skyrim'd, XD) are peaceful, and appreciate nature. So there's forests and glades, deserts, and mountains. But no actual cities, just dragons all working in tangent together in their little settlements, among their natural habitat. Although they have space travel, it is restricted to ports of stone and magic that use ancient powers to function for a millennium. The 5 civilizations: 1: The Mountains of Ivak: The Mountain dragons are white and brown, they are often traders and miners. 2: The Forests of Tam'Uth: The Forest dragons are green and some are black. They are builders, building settlements with the plentiful trees. 3: The Islands of Kemmel: The Islanders are usually light greens, but all colored dragons like to visit the islands, for the warm climates. It is mainly settlements of traders, as well as some miners. 4: The Floating Motes: in the sky, floating lumps of land are perfect places to build ships and travel to the skies. It is where the most space-ports are. The dragons here are often yellow and light blue. 5: The Caverns Of Yggdran: In the caves, the blackest dragons live in the darkness and the red dragons live near the lava beneath. Lots of commerce comes through it, but it mainly used for training the young, and the heat helps the eggs to hatch. Character Sheet: Name: Colour: Age: Home: Job: History: