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Found 14 results

  1. ED News Post 26/11/12

    G'day mate! Come on down to your local news stand to pick up the latest edition of the ED News, hot off the press! Let me know what you think below! Loc
  2. ED News Post 19/11/12

    This is a friendly Orinouncment: I made this weeks ED News Post! Totally oh my gosh wow right? Come check this out!
  3. ED News Post 12/11/12

    Another week closer to the end of the world, folks! Will the Mayans be right? Or were they just messing with us all along? Taking all bets!! But, whilst you bet, why don't you have a read of the latest news post? You know you want to. Loc
  4. ED News Post 05/11/12

    Man, you do not know the hassle I had trying to get the formatting to work on the news post this week. It was worth it though! Got it all spic and span! Check it out here and leave me your thoughts and views below! Cheers Loc
  5. ED News Post 29/10/12

    Hello everyone! Its Monday today, and I know you all know what that means! Yup! Its time for the news post! Check it out here! Loc
  6. ED News Post 22/10/12

    Hooray! I got another news post done! You realise, I have been doing these now for a good couple of months? If not longer. My, how time flies! Anywho, have a read everyone, and let me know what you think below! Latest News Post Loc
  7. ED News Post 15/10/12

    Monday is here everyone! Can you believe it? I certainly cant! Where the heck did the weekend go? But, you know what that means! Its time for you all to check this weeks news post out, right here!! Let me know what you think! Loc
  8. ED News Post 08/10/12

    See? Its still Monday! Just about. The latest news post is up and running everyone! Check it out here! Loc
  9. ED News Post 01/10/12

    Its here, its here! Yup, its here, the latest ED news post, hot off the press and ready for you to read! To find out all the latest in goings on for ED, head here! Leave your thoughts and comments below! Laters! Loc
  10. ED News Post 24/09/12

    Incoming Dragonite!! Thats right folks, your latest edition of the ED News is now hot off the press and ready to read! Check it out here and leave your comments below! Loc
  11. ED News Post 17/09/12

    The news has landed, folks! Check out the latest in ED news here and post your thoughts and opinions below! Sorry for some of the formatting issues that have occured. They refused to let me fix them. Loc
  12. ED News Post 10/09/12

    Monday is here once more, everyone, and once again I have a news post for you to all enjoy! I am aware of the lack of Dragonites =[ Its something I will need to add when I am at home, so worry not! The Dragonites will be back! No worries! The Dragonites are back! Moving on, here you go people! Click here for the latest news post! Let me know your thoughts below! Loc
  13. ED News Post 03/09/12

    Hello one and all! The latest news post is now live! You can all read it here! Sorry for any formatting errors, but I was forced to type a lot of the stuff myself using bbCode because the usual buttons kept making things go wrong. Boo! Ah well! Let me know what you think! Loc
  14. ED News Post 27/08/12

    Hi all! I'm here once again with your latest news post! Check it out here! Leave your comments and thoughts below. Cheers! Loc