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Found 1 result

  1. Bugs and Problems

    I figured that since ED is obvioustly not flawless that we might should have a place where we can report any errors or bugs in the forum. ( Also since those can bother the hell out of me XP ) So lately I've had times that I wanted to upload an image to ED, but every time I try to do so, I come into a vicious circle: 1: Go to My Gallery (there's nothing there yet) 2: Press upload 3: No albums present, so I try to make a new one, but it says "You are not allowed to create more albums" 4: Press select catagory, with this present: Members Albums Category and Archive 5: Only the image of Members Albums Category can be clicked, so I click that, but rather than filling out the information, it links me to the actual page. 6: Press upload, and the cicle closes here. The only way to work around is to upload it to my DA page, but I barely use my DA anymore, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to put it there.