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Found 2 results

  1. IC: The Dark Crusade

    The Dark Crusade Overshadowing the nearby towns and villages, the colossal stone chapterhouse of the Order of The Ebony Sun could easily be mistaken for a castle- with its roughly hewn stone walls and and turrets spotted with arrow slits. But inside was a different matter. there were no mighty feasting halls or lavish rooms- Upon the walls hung strange weapons and the men trained in queer arts foreign even to the heretics outside the walls. Every dawn, midday and sunset the chanting of their prayer could be heard from the village below, bellowing out to the world the message of defiance against the oncoming evils of the holy lands. "We pledge to defend the his grace the Kings holy lands in the name of almighty God, in his name, so be it." * Ser Ratigan was in the assembly hall, kneeling piously before Lord Alston, an envoy of King Richard. The envoy had traveled many hundreds of miles on horseback to bring the sealed scroll of orders, for his and his riding partner, Ser Allastad's eyes only. He sat in the seat of the envoy, next to the ebony greatchair. the seat of Lord Roustan, the master of the order who was gravely ill with a foreign sickness of the mind. "My Lord, i come for orders." he asked, not commanding but suggesting quick progress. The man said nothing, and passed him the ornate scroll, kept shut by the wax seal of the king. "It is not to be opened until you begin your journey, and not in the presence of others." "Understood, my Lord. Ratigan left as more members of the Order filed in, all in single file as the previous business was concluded and they had other matters to ask of the travelling envoy. He passed the through the open corridors, and looked out at the initiates practicing in the yard, attacking straw men with wooden swords. He called out for his squire but eventually found him eating a roast fowl and sitting on the straw among the horses. "Gromley, prepare my weaponry and saddle my horse- we leave within the hour for Acre. Bring provisions and supplies. Now, if you can spare the time." Gromley seemed to ignore the sarcasm and went to do as told. He had to find his riding partner, and surmised he would likely find him showing the initiates in the archery yard showing off his skills with the bow. He headed there, his chairman clinking and the flag of his order across his chest flapping in the wind like a scarf...
  2. OOC: The Dark Crusade

    OOC: The Dark Crusade Info box: Type: Public Genre: Fantasy, Action, Magic Level: Basic This is an RP That White and i have been planning. 1193, The Holy Lands (The same timeline as the original assassins creed). In secret, King Richard The Lionheart founded an order of knights, pledged to fight the evil in the Holy Lands named the 'Order of the Ebony Sun', charged with protecting them from demonic threats that could turn the tide of the Third Crusade. These knights were trained in hidden abbeys in the arts of hunting evil. They worked in pairs (along with their Squires) To reach places far before the Crusader armies to eradicate the flesh eaters, walking dead, beast men, and deadliest of all, arisen demons themselves. There'll be a list of locations to keep things neat. - Acre -Jaffa -(Siege of) Arsuf -Ascalon -Darum (The Egyptian Border) -Jerusalam (And the failed invasion) Heres the sheet. I'll put mine up when it's done. Name: Age: Preferred weapon: Strengths/weaknesses: Equipment: Should include Ebony Sun Chainmal, Your melee weapon, Your ranged weapon, Salves for healing, Bible and your cross (It is the 'Holy' Crusades after all) and your bag (which has miscellanies for fighting evil in it, this is carried by your Squire) History: Squire: Squires History: