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Found 2 results

  1. Bugs and Problems

    I figured that since ED is obvioustly not flawless that we might should have a place where we can report any errors or bugs in the forum. ( Also since those can bother the hell out of me XP ) So lately I've had times that I wanted to upload an image to ED, but every time I try to do so, I come into a vicious circle: 1: Go to My Gallery (there's nothing there yet) 2: Press upload 3: No albums present, so I try to make a new one, but it says "You are not allowed to create more albums" 4: Press select catagory, with this present: Members Albums Category and Archive 5: Only the image of Members Albums Category can be clicked, so I click that, but rather than filling out the information, it links me to the actual page. 6: Press upload, and the cicle closes here. The only way to work around is to upload it to my DA page, but I barely use my DA anymore, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to put it there.
  2. Life changes constantly

    Hey all, Been some time since I posted as much as today. Sadly, it will probably not increase much, as with changes in my life, I've become less and less close with ED. Also with my dragonic self. With understanding of this spiritual chapter of my life I also understood, that everything that happened to me, was VERY human... Unlike what I'd want to believe, it is the way it is, and life is so much better when you learn to live with it, and enjoy the ride. To me, the (this) chapter in my life about being dragonkin, is over. I will not forget, nor will I dislike you all, you've been like family. But as you probably have already noticed, I ain't around as much. This... for now, will not change. and thus, to put it simple Leaving, all though only for a bit. I might yet lurk and post now and then... when I think of it, and feel like it. Hope you won't miss me too much, and if you'd want more contact, then just ask and I might give you my skype/msn. Love you all, and have a nice time.