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Found 5 results

  1. I look around, seeing everyone bustling around the tavern and smile. "Who's up for a song?" A rousing cheer emits from the patrons as I take a stance near the middle of the room. There are very few tables here and I can see almost the whole tavern, across the wall from the door, the gold dragonborn barkeep wipes a glass clean with a smile. He knows I bring in the customers around these parts. "How about the 'Halfman's Song'?" Another rousing cheer. It's not a fast song, but it is definitely a crowd favorite. The glint of a pin in the back catches my eye and there's a noD from a man with frizzled gray hair, sitting amongst the shadows. There's my contact. I smile and start my tune, the winged cat, Timber, rousing from my shoulders as our act begins. As I begin to play on my lute sparks fly and rings of flame appear in the air for Timber to pass through. As I reach the chorus, the flames around the room flicker with an eerie green light before returning to normal. "Beware, beware, of the words I twist, I am small but my reach is long, and the ravens, black against the winter's mist are whispering the halfman's song." I keep playing as the patrons sing along with the chorus, before slowly ending my tune, Timber's antics ending. The sound of the lute fades as an eerie whisper seems to come from the walls themselves "They are whispering the Halfman's song.....". "Thank you, thank you," I say. "Buy some drinks if you want to help me keep playing in here, lads, the barkeep says I don't come cheap!" With a wink and a laugh I make my way to a table and sit down alone, a halfling waitress bringing over my usual small cup of wine and says, "That was a fantastic performance as usual, Zily! We could use some new songs too, if you find the time to write! These boys would keep you playing all night if you let them!" She giggles and gives a sly wink and before I can say a word, bustles off to help the next table. I shake my head, knowing I already have someone waiting for me to come home to Stagwick, clear up in the north mountains, and takes a sip of my wine as I look over to the guy in the back. I know he's waiting for more of the group to show. Apparently, there would be more. I take out a set of tarot cards and begin playing a game until they arrive.
  2. IC: Star Trek: Sigma Sector

    Star Trek: Sigma Sector -------------------- Tezan had arrived on the bridge a good ten minutes before his shift was due to start. The night shift Captain had been more than happy to allow him to take over early, their long shift starting to take its toll. After putting down on the log the change in command, Tezan had sat down in the Captains chair, looking at the main view screen ahead. On it was the image of the Centaran trade hub, Tellah. The Charlemagne had entered orbit early yesterday, taking a short time to allow the crew some shore leave, as well as to stock up on supplies. Captain Ellison was still on Tellah according to the logs, having spent the night there. Tezan couldn't blame her. They had some very nice hotels and places to stay at, and it was often nice to get away from the sparse conditions on board the Charlemagne. Stretching his arms slightly, Tezan watched as the rest of the bridge crew, who weren't on shore leave, started to filter onto the bridge, changing over with those who had taken on the night shift. An Ensign, a young female Andorian, walked over to Tezan and passed him a data pad which Tezan took and started to scroll through. "Just a summary of what occurred on the night shift, Commander" the Ensign said quickly as Tezan looked to her and smiled, nodding. There wasn't much to be read on the report. The Charlemagne had been scanning the local area whilst it orbited Tellah, but nothing of note had been found. Various trade requests had been approved and denied, ranging from raw materials and knowledge, which the Captain had been fine to trade, dependant on the knowledge, all the way up to shuttles and weapons systems, which were strictly off limits. "Thank you Ensign" Tezan finally said, tapping on the data pad and putting his electronic signature down to show he had read it. He passed it back to the Andorian, who took the pad and smiled before turning on the spot and heading to the turbolift to carry on her duties.
  3. Star Trek: Sigma Sector Type: Private Genre: Action, Science Fiction Level: Advanced For ages: 15+ Afternoon everyone! This is an RP that Faze and I have been concocting for a week or so now, set in the world of Star Trek! For the time being, it is a private RP between myself and Faze, so we can get it rolling and see how it pans out. It may be opened up to others later on, depending on how it goes, but a decent knowledge of Star Trek will be required (hence the Advanced level) As the RP progresses, this OOC thread will be updated with logs from the crew on board the ship, so as to serve as reference points for information within the RP. ------------------- Acting Captains Log, Stardate 55773.6 This is acting Captain Olivia Ellison, serving on board the U.S.S. Charlemagne. For two months now we have been trapped in the Sigma Sector. We have received no word of contact from Starfleet during our time here. All information points towards the fact that they are either unable to reach is, or think we are lost in action. The following log details the events that transpired which led up to our being trapped in the Sigma Sector. The Charlemagne, a science vessel, was originally under the command of Captain Peter Lorenzo. I served as the second in command on the vessel. Our mission was the testing of new technologies that had been fitted onto our vessel after the return of the U.S.S. Voyager from the Delta Quadrant, technologies that had been developed using the knowledge and experiences the crew had gathered during their seven year journey. It was during one of our tests that we came across an issue. We had been instructed to try using a new form of propulsion that would allow us to travel between the four quadrants in no more than a day or two, thus allowing new alliances to be forged, as well as increase response times to emergencies within our home territories. The experiment started off as planned. Lieutenant George Franks, our Chief Engineer, and T’lan, a Vulcan engineer who was primarily responsible for the creation of the new propulsion, were both overseeing the process. Our warp drive was taken offline and the new propulsion powered up. With the go-ahead received from Franks and T’lan, Captain Lorenzo gave the order for the engine to be activated, putting in our destination to go from just outside the orbit of Mars to Vulcan. To begin with, all went well. The new propulsion powered up and we rapidly left Mars orbit before hurtling towards Vulcan. Roughly halfway along the journey, there was an unexpected power surge. At this time, we are still unsure what caused the surge, all we know is that it had detrimental effects. The new propulsion systems power output went far beyond the pre-set limits. The journey to Vulcan should have taken us roughly an hour from the half-way point. Within seconds we had over shot the target. Not being prepared for this level of testing, the Charlemagne’s hull started to buckle, fracturing in some places. There were reports from all across the ship of systems shorting out, terminals exploding. We didn’t stop until the propulsion system was ejected in a very risky manoeuvre implemented by Lieutenant Franks and T’lan, both of whom lost their lives in doing so. Reports from their deaths, as well as the other lost crew members, are listed in the medical report that will be attached with this report. We are unsure of how far we have travelled from our starting location, nor are we sure where we are in location to the Alpha Quadrant. We haven’t as of yet found any recognisable constellations to get our bearings with, and the local species have not been completely…. Hospitable. During our first week in the Sigma Sector, we didn’t encounter any other signs of life. We had turned the ship around and attempted to travel back along our original path as best we could whilst we assessed the damage to the ship. We had a full crew compliment of eighty when we began the mission. During the test run, we lost sixteen men and women. We were able to reconnect our warp drive, as well as repair many of the damaged systems. Captain Lorenzo managed to keep crew morale up during this time as well. Eventually, we made first contact with a race native to the Sigma Sector. They called themselves Joht-Var. (Details of all races we have encountered so far will be attached to this report) During our initial encounter, they greeted us with open arms, inviting Captain Lorenzo to come aboard their ship in order to discuss what aid they could give us. We realised too late what was going on. Once he was aboard, the Captain and his security escort were murdered by the Joht-Var, in the name of one of their Gods, proclaiming that we are unclean and are here to taint their way of life. I assumed command of the Charlemagne and made a fast retreat. The Joht-Var made no signs of following us. With the death of the Captain and his escort, that has brought our total lost up to twenty-one. We have done our best to survive within the Sigma Sector. Not all races have attempted to attack us. Some have been quite willing to help us, whilst others have asked us for aid. For the time being, it has been decided by myself and the crew that we will remain within the Sigma Sector until we are able to find out a way to return to the Alpha Quadrant. I only pray that we are able to survive that long. This is acting Captain Ellison, signing off. --------------------------- Captains Log Extended: Inhabitants of the Sigma Sector Joht-Var From what little information we have been able to gather, it appears that the Joht-Var are the primary force of power in this region of space. They are humanoid in nature, with a heavily built body frame, complete with large muscle structure. Their skin is akin to the old Earth creature called a Rhino, appearing to be quite tough in nature, and grey. Their mouths are filled with plenty of sharp, pointed teeth. They have apparently made use of technology left behind by a race called the Kurvani, a highly advanced civilisation. The Joht-Var have made use of this technology to create powerful ships, weapons and armour, but at the same time, they have highly advanced medical technology. If they weren’t so hostile, they would be a good race to trade with. The primary concern with the Joht-Var is that they appear to be a very religious species, worshiping many gods, most of whom are gods of war and conflict. They are locked in what seems to be a constant battle with another race called the Adronians for territory, and take a lot of pleasure in hunting another race called the Syriva. The latter, however, appears to be the primary food source for the Joht-Var. Kurvani There are many legends in the Sigma Sector surrounding the Kurvani, so it is hard to work out what is true and what is just story telling. What we do know is that at one time, they controlled all of the Sigma Sector, a feat they accomplished through peaceful means. They had highly advanced technology, especially in the field of medicines and science. One piece of evidence for this, although we are unsure how true this is, is that they were able to replace parts of their bodies when they failed with those of any other race, granting them some level of immortality. Other evidence seems to suggest that they expanded their empire a lot by abducting races from other planets and planting them on new worlds. There are no records of when or how the Kurvani vanished. All that remains of them now is their technology, most of which has been taken by the Joht-Var. Humans A surprising find was the presence of the human race. We believe these humans were taken by the Kurvani many hundreds of years previously and planted on their new world, Regerus, so named after their leader at the time. The humans, or Regerians as they preferred to be called, are like us in almost all ways, save for a few very important differences. Over the course of their time here, the Regerians had implants put into their bodies, granting them ESP and telekinesis. This was done so often to them that eventually they were born with the abilities already present, without the need for implants. An interesting side effect from this was the complete loss of hair on their heads, for both male and female members of the species, and their having prominent blue veins on their skin. They have progressed slowly in terms of interstellar travel, having only recently achieved the ability to breach the warp barrier. They have been very friendly towards us so far, showing us no ill-will. I believe there is much we can learn from each other. Syriva The Syriva are the least violent race we have encountered thus far. They have greeted us with open arms, offered and provided us with any help we need, and have asked for our assistance on troubling matters a few times. Thin, waifish humanoids, the Syriva have long ears that we at first mistook for horns. They do not appear to have any bone structure, instead being supported by a collection of sacs filled with fluid that they can freely move around their body to aid them in movement. They do not have a homeworld within the Sigma Sector, as it was conquered by the Joht-Var several decades ago. Since then, they have been on the run as they have now become the primary food source for the warring race. It should be noted that it is easy to notice a Syriva ship. They are often beautifully crafted vessels, with intricate designs. This does, however, often make them easy targets as they are not well versed in combat. Centara The Centara are a race that I have advised all crew members to be careful around. They are semi-nomadic in nature, mainly living aboard mining ships, asteroids and space stations converted into trade hubs. Appearance wise, they are much shorter than humans are, and have many reptilian features, including scales. They have no concept of loyalty or family, preferring to trade valuable with just about anyone. Shrewd businessmen, they often fight amongst each other using hired assassins belonging to the Adronians. As a means of advertising, they are often seen wearing the latest word in armour and weaponry, but they do not appear to be any good in actual fighting circumstances, hence the assassins. They have control of the main space port, Tellah, which appears to be neutral ground, save for their own conflicts. It is a port we have stopped at on occasion to gather supplies. Adronian We have next to no information on this species. We aren't even sure what they look like. We know they are often hired as assassins, and rarely fail at their task. Beyond that, we are unsure. I am sure this will be updated at a later time. ----------------------- U.S.S. Charlemagne Class: http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Nova_class'>Nova Registration: NCC 74229 ---------------------- Computer Records: Current serving Bridge Crew Acting Captain Ellison. Previous second in command until the death of Captain Lorenzo. Gender: Female Age: 34 Race: Human Marital Status: Un-married Notes: Captain Ellison has an unblemished Starfleet record, obtaining no infractions during her six years within the command line. Acting First Office, Commander Tezan Coron Gender: Male Age: 26 Race: Trill Marital Status: Un-Married Notes: Commander Coron is the seventh member in the Coron Trill symbiote line, and as such has a large collection of knowledge at his disposal. Chief of Security, Lieutenant Howard Cobley. Gender: Male Age: Race: Human Marital Status: Married- Jeanette Cobley. Notes: Also serves as the Tactics Officer on-board the U.S.S. Charlemagne. Chief Medical Officer Dr Gol Navek Gender: Male Age: 49 Race: Cardassian Marital Status: Un-Married Notes: Although a pure Cardassian, Dr Navek was raised by a Cardassian mother and a human father. Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Teeto Benjavi Gender: Male Age: 26 Race: Bajoran Marital Status: Un-Married Notes: Acting Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Clive Markinko Gender: Male Age: 29 Race:Human Marital Status: Un-Married Notes: ---------------------- The above details will probably be amended as the RP carries on with new information, etc. Character Sheet: Name: Gender: Age: Race: Appearance: Rank: Line of Duty: (i.e. Engineering, Security etc.) History: For the time being, only Starfleet personnel can be created as characters, not counting NPC's you may meet along the way during the RP, of course. As stated at the start, this is a Private RP for the time being, but, if you would like to join further down the line, please just post a reply to the thread and you will be considered. After all, these things are more fun with more people! Loc
  4. Elder Scrolls Online

    Elder Scrolls Online. Elder f***ing Scrolls Online. I have been watching the news and screenshots for this game trickle about for a little while now, taking note of it from a distance. It's a game I would love to see done well (multi-player Skyrim? Yes please!!) but I know it's one that could turn out horrible. So, I watched and waited. Then I watched this video, and I couldn't help but get more interested. What do I think after seeing that? Well... I do not agree with what the guy said about how classes shouldn't be in place. One downside I had with Skyrim was that, although in the beginning my characters were all different (some went stealth, some magic etc) by time they reached high level stage, they all started to look the same, and I am concerned that without some form of limitation, ESO could end up the same. Low level characters would all look different, depending on how people had started their character, but by time they hit high level, they could all look the same skill wise. But, not enough info was given about the level up aspect to decide on that front. I do like the move away from typical MMO turn based combat with cooldowns. If it plays like it does in Skyrim, which it really looks like it does, then there can be a high level of skill involved in combat. You don't just stand there and wait turns, see if the attacker misses or hits you. You can take a few steps back and watch as their sword swing physically misses you. Can you imagine, highly skilled players taking down mega monsters by themselves, all because they know how to dodge and weave? Epic. Another plus, for me, is that this feels like it could be a proper roleplay game. I have had hours of fun with my characters in Skyrim, and Oblivion before it, thinking up what their back story is etc. Hopefully I can do the same in ESO. Another issue they didn't touch on though, was the crafting aspect. Logic dictates that they will follow the same approach as they did in Skyrim. The problem is, waiting for mineral nodes to respawn in Skyrim took ages!! And that's only when one person is taking from them. How will it be when hundreds are doing it? The plans for the UI though, lovely jubbly. Some of you may or may not know, but I play (or rather played) a lot of WoW, and the UI on that can get very cluttered. So, to be told that the UI on ESO is going to be very basic with only the essentials? Awesome. Another bonus, apparently it wont be PC exclusive. They will be porting the game across to PS4 and XBone. Now, as an MMO, it will probably work better on a powerful PC, but for those without that, the fact you can get it in console format is brilliant, especially if you are more used to the controller style set up over keyboard and mouse! All in all, I am still wary about the game. It could still tank, but I am more interested in it now than I was before. So, what about the rest of you? What are your thoughts and opinions on this? Loc
  5. OOC: Skyrim Adventures

    OOC: Skyrim Adventures Info box: Type: Public Genre: Fantasy, Action, Dragons Level: Advanced For ages: 14+ Hello all! For a while now, I have wanted to do an RP set in the world of Skyrim, but I just haven’t been entirely sure of how to go about it. The other day, though, whilst walking to work, I had an idea. This RP stems from that idea. Having knowledge of Skyrim helps, but isn’t completely essential! Elder Scrolls Wiki Races of Skyrim (Ten races of Tamriel) The events of this RP follow the game as if the Dragonborn was doing the main quest, right up to the first time he encounters Alduin and attempts to defeat him with the Dragonrend shout. In the game, Alduin ends up fleeing. In this RP, however, that isn’t what happens. During that pivotal fight, although the Dragonrend shout succeeded in bringing Alduin down to the ground, the Dragonborn did not have the power or skill needed to vanquish his foe, and instead was defeated himself. With potentially the only person able to defeat him gone, Alduin carried on with his reign of terror against Skyrim, raising the dragons from their graves in order to conquer all of Tamriel. Having been present at the defeat of the Dragonborn, and not wanting to see Tamriel fall into chaos and destruction, Parthunaax, one of the few dragons to stand against Alduin the first time, orders his followers, the Greybeards, to join him in the fight against Alduin. Although reluctant at first, the Greybeards eventually agreed to help their master and began the search to find a way to defeat Alduin. Knowing that without a Dragonborn, they could not truly kill him, Parthunaax and the Greybeards built a powerful magic prison in the heart of a mountain with the aid of an Elder Scroll. After a long battle, the Greybeards and Parthunaax trapped Alduin, sealing him away within the mountain before blocking all ways of getting to him. Parthunaax, and the other dragons that remained, quickly learnt that trapping Alduin inside his prison had come at a cost. Whereas before they could only be defeated if their soul, their essence, was absorbed by someone such as the Dragonborn, those that Alduin had resurrected has now lost that protection. This new found mortality scared the remaining dragons, who stopped their attacks on Skyrim and pleaded to Parthunaax to help them. Together, with the Greybeards, Parthunaax spoke with the leaders of the Holds of Skyrim, and a treaty was arranged, an end to the hostilities. Although all of them eventually agreed to the treaty, most in Skyrim are still very cautious of the dragons, some still wanting to be rid of their kind. The dragons themselves now spend most of their time trying to stay away from the populated areas of Skyrim, for fear of attack from wayward attackers looking for glory. Life carries on in Skyrim, most not realising that beneath the mountain where Parthunaax rests upon its peak, Alduin struggles against his magical prison, just waiting for his chance to escape. So! That’s the basic premise for the RP. There isn’t much of a story, I will admit. It’s the kind of one where I am presenting those that want to join in a world where-in they can do as they please. Obviously, there are a lot of factions in Skyrim, most of who would be changed by interactions involving the Dragonborn. In this RP, all factions are how they would be had the Dragonborn not arrived. The Dark Brotherhood is still lacking their Listener and is still in a state where no one really fears them anymore. The Thieves Guild is still in shambles, again, not taken seriously by anyone, and so on. The Civil War in Skyrim is still ongoing as well, no High King has been appointed and Ulfric Stormcloak is still looking to claim that position as his own. With this RP, you can play as two types of characters. You can play as a normal humanoid individual, or you can play as a dragon. There will be differences between the two in terms of character sheets which I will get to later. There are certain rules, as it were, for this RP (beyond the usual rules, of course). You can not play as a Dragonborn, period. I will allow you to create a character that can use shouts (after all, anyone can learn to shout with the right training), but they will be limited; again something I will go into later. Dragons are the exception to this rule, but only because they are limited elsewhere. Like I said, your character can be pretty much whatever you want of them, so long as it’s within reason of course. I will edit this post later to include a link to the races that are present in Skyrim for those of you that don’t know what is available. If you are using magic, bare in mind the schools of magic present in Skyrim: -Alteration (affect the world around you, such as unlock doors etc) -Conjuration (summon creatures) -Illusion (Trick enemies into fighting each other etc) -Destruction (Standard offensive magic) -Restoration (Healing spells and the such) If you are playing a character who can use magic, remember that it is unlikely they are going to be a master of all spells etc, so do be realistic. Im not saying your character can’t know spells from each, but he or she isn’t going to be able to be fantastic at all of them. When it comes to shouts, if you’re not playing a dragon, you can have a pick of the following (sorry but I cant remember all their names!) You may pick out two from the list, at most: -Unrelenting Force -Fire Breath (Basic) -Ice Breath (Basic) -Whirlwind Sprint -Disarm. As a dragon, you have the same options as above, except your Fire and Ice abilities, if you have them, would be more advanced. You can choose up to four separate shouts from the list above, as well as: -Slow Time -Ethereal Form. -Ice Form. If there are some I have missed, let me know so I can make a decision as to whether it can be included and who can use it etc. And now for the character sheet! Naturally, it’s the standard sheet affair: Name: Age: Race: Gender: Appearance: Abilities: (Put shouts or magic here. If putting magic, please state which) Faction: (if applicable i.e. Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild etc.) Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality: History: I think that is everything for now. Any questions, feel free to ask! Sorry for it being such a long winded post, but there was all sorts of bits and pieces for me to remember! This may get edited slightly as well if I got stuff wrong or forgot stuff etc. Cheers! Loc P.S. This doesn’t really have a name, I know, so for now its just going to be called Skyrim Adventures.