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Found 4 results

  1. So as the title says- do you think the old classics were the best? Many prefered simple consoles and game ideas to the new in depth storylines and colourful graphics. What do you think? Did you prefer the games you played as a child? Or the latest releases? Do you still own any old consoles such as sega megadrive/ PS1 etc?
  2. Elder Scrolls Online

    Elder Scrolls Online. Elder f***ing Scrolls Online. I have been watching the news and screenshots for this game trickle about for a little while now, taking note of it from a distance. It's a game I would love to see done well (multi-player Skyrim? Yes please!!) but I know it's one that could turn out horrible. So, I watched and waited. Then I watched this video, and I couldn't help but get more interested. What do I think after seeing that? Well... I do not agree with what the guy said about how classes shouldn't be in place. One downside I had with Skyrim was that, although in the beginning my characters were all different (some went stealth, some magic etc) by time they reached high level stage, they all started to look the same, and I am concerned that without some form of limitation, ESO could end up the same. Low level characters would all look different, depending on how people had started their character, but by time they hit high level, they could all look the same skill wise. But, not enough info was given about the level up aspect to decide on that front. I do like the move away from typical MMO turn based combat with cooldowns. If it plays like it does in Skyrim, which it really looks like it does, then there can be a high level of skill involved in combat. You don't just stand there and wait turns, see if the attacker misses or hits you. You can take a few steps back and watch as their sword swing physically misses you. Can you imagine, highly skilled players taking down mega monsters by themselves, all because they know how to dodge and weave? Epic. Another plus, for me, is that this feels like it could be a proper roleplay game. I have had hours of fun with my characters in Skyrim, and Oblivion before it, thinking up what their back story is etc. Hopefully I can do the same in ESO. Another issue they didn't touch on though, was the crafting aspect. Logic dictates that they will follow the same approach as they did in Skyrim. The problem is, waiting for mineral nodes to respawn in Skyrim took ages!! And that's only when one person is taking from them. How will it be when hundreds are doing it? The plans for the UI though, lovely jubbly. Some of you may or may not know, but I play (or rather played) a lot of WoW, and the UI on that can get very cluttered. So, to be told that the UI on ESO is going to be very basic with only the essentials? Awesome. Another bonus, apparently it wont be PC exclusive. They will be porting the game across to PS4 and XBone. Now, as an MMO, it will probably work better on a powerful PC, but for those without that, the fact you can get it in console format is brilliant, especially if you are more used to the controller style set up over keyboard and mouse! All in all, I am still wary about the game. It could still tank, but I am more interested in it now than I was before. So, what about the rest of you? What are your thoughts and opinions on this? Loc
  3. Round 1: Fight!

    There are plenty of video game characters out there in the world, all out and about doing their thing. Whether it’s slaying gods, saving the universe or just collecting odds and sods from ancient tomb, they all have their job in life. But, I ask you, what would happen if they found themselves pitched against each other? That, my fellow gamers, is the point of this thread. I have four fights in mind between some well known characters that I feel are fairly matched. What I want you guys to do is go through some of them, or all of them (its up to you) and tell me who you think would win, and preferably why as well. So, here are the match-ups as well as where the fight happens, because that can, in a lot of instances, be very important. Fight 1: Ezio (Assassins Creed 2) vs. Agent 47 (Hitman series) Location: A crowded village in Italy. Fight 2: Commander Shepherd (Mass Effect series) vs. Master Chief (Halo series) Location: Abandoned storage warehouse with large crates dotted around. Fight 3: Kratos (God of War series) vs. War (Darksiders) Location: A large open field Fight 4: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series) vs. Nathan Drake (Uncharted series) Location: Ancient Mayan temple So, those are the four match-ups I have just thought of. Let me know who you think would win! You don’t have to give reasons for it, and you don’t have to do all of them, but the more said the more interesting it could be! I will post my own thoughts after others have posted. I may put up more fights, if people are interested. Loc
  4. Riddle me this...

    Morning one and all! So, we need a new game, so I thought, why not riddles? Riddles are always fun to do! So, here is a riddle game. How its played, is up to you. I can just ask riddles and other guess them, or I ask a riddle, and whoever gets it right gets to ask the next one and so on. It is your call! I will start off with only one riddle for now, incase people would prefer to do the take it in turns one. If people would rather I just ask the riddles, then I will post up a few for people to work out. In terms of rules, there arent any really, but do try to be a good sport about it all. I cant enforce no cheating, but where is the fun in cheating (i.e. using the interwebs to find the answer)? And if a riddle has more than one answer (as some do) then all you can do is hope you get the one that the riddle giver is asking for. Now, for the first riddle: What goes around the world, but stays in a corner? Loc