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Everything Dragon
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A What-is-Where of Everything Dragon!

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A What-Is-Where of Everything Dragon!


Hi, Loc here!


As the title suggests, this thread is to explain where things are on Everything Dragon, or ED for short, and it will also explain how to go about doing certain things!




Like all forums, ED has its own set of rules. These can be read by following this link.


Chat Room


ED also has its own Chat Room. This can be accessed by clicking this link.


For more information regarding the Chat Room, or for any queries about it, then direct your attention here.




Ah, the Gallery. The place where all of ED's aspiring artists can place their artwork to be viewed by others. You can access the Gallery by using the link at the top right of the page, or by simply clicking this link here.

Once inside you will see that there are various sections inside the Gallery. Simply go into the one that you want to put your picture in and upload it!


Alternatively, if you don't want to use the Gallery, then you can create yourself a thread in the Art Section and post your art there!




Another thing that ED has, is the Blog section. The on-site link can be found in the same location as the link for the Gallery.


In the Blog, you can write up what ever you wish, be it about your day, or a chapter of a book you're writing!


My Controls


Located in the top right of any page, will be your user name. If you click on it, you will get a selection box come down, with options relating to your profile etc. Here you can check your messages, make changes to your profile and check your gallery.



More will be added to this, so re-visit it every now and then to have a look see!




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The Various Areas



Everything Dragon is split into seven separate sections, which then each have their own areas within.


Just Hatched

The “Just Hatched†is the location for the area where all new users to post their introduction threads, or for existing members to let others know about an upcoming leave of absence, or perhaps a return after a long period away! The link for the introduction area is here.


“Just Hatched†also has the area for all of the important announcements for Everything Dragon, normally posted by Amaunet, Carenath, Anakey or myself. If you ever want to go there, then follow this link!

Here Be Dragons

“Here be Dragons!!†Self explanatory really. Here is where most of the dragon related topics can be located. First up is “Everything Dragonâ€. This is where anything dragon related goes, be it you talking about how much you love dragons, to showing off your dragon collection. To get there, simply follow this link.


Within “Everything Dragon†is the sub forum “Dragonkin.†Want to talk about dragonkins, or to see others views on being a dragonkin, then pay this area a visit by clicking here.


The other area within “Here be Dragons†is the “Komodo, Bearded and other Herptiles†area. Do you take care of a reptile or two? Or perhaps want to recount a time you interacted with one? This is the place to be doing! Click Me!


“Here be Dragons†is moderated by Valoren.


Creative Dragons

Are you an artist? Or perhaps a writer? If you answered yes to either of those, then check out either one of these areas!


First up is “Artistic Dragonsâ€. A place for you to post your art, or to simply view others! Talk about your favourite piece of art, the things that you really enjoy! Come! Pay the artists a visit by clicking here.


The artistic section is moderated by Trigirl48. Want to know more about her? Or more about the art section? Then go right ahead and read this!


Maybe art isn’t quite your thing. Perhaps you prefer to write? Well, if that is the case then stroll into the “Dragon Writers (of ED)†area to say hello! Even if your simply there to have a read, or to just post a poem or two, I know the other members will appreciate your input and thank you in kind.


The writing section is moderated by Orealisk. If you want to know more about her, or about the section she manages, then click



Do you enjoy yourself a good roleplay from time to time? Or maybe you like to just simply read through the roleplay’s there, watching the character progress through them.


ED’s roleplay area is split into four separate sections. First up is the “Dragons Tavernâ€, a place for any and all dragon related RP’s. Looking to roleplay as a giant wyvern of old? Then this is your place. To go have a look, click


The second area is “Lazuliâ€. In here you will find every other kind of RP. These can range from old medieval roleplays to futuristic science fiction ones. If you cant find what your looking for in “Dragons Tavern†then you will most likely find it in “Lazuli.â€


The third, and maybe most important area of the roleplay section, is the “Roleplay Loungeâ€. Here is where you post your Out Of Character, or OOC, threads. A place for you to discuss what is happening in your RP, or to post up a new character. Maybe you wish to brainstorm with other members to come up with an idea for an RP. If that’s the case, then come on into the .


Last, but by no means least, is the “Advanced Roleplay.†Here is where the more serious roleplays happen. Only those that have passed a test written by the moderating team are allowed to roleplay in here. Often there will be private roleplays in here, roleplays with added rules, or, on occasion, more mature ones. If you wish to look around, or perhaps have become an advanced roleplayer, then follow this .


The roleplay section is moderated by Air Dragon.



The Miscellaneous, or Misc, section houses the “General Discussion†area. Here is where any other topic goes, be it you talking about your latest holiday to the Bahamas, or wishing someone happy birthday. is where it goes.


The “General Discussion†area also houses the subforum known as media. Here is where you can post all things relating to tv programs, music, films and more! Anything you can think of to do with media, post it .


Then there is the "Games" section. This is the place to go if you want to play a game. Or perhaps discuss one! Or maybe you want to brag about a high score on a popular game! If you want to do any of those things, then come .


Looking for those old threads from long ago? Want to read through old roleplays, or view some old art or writing? Simply go to the archive and browse through!!





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