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IC: The Dark Crusade

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Allastad nodded and headed off towards the village square with Richard and Osmund. As they neared the square Allastad heard a scream come from a nearby house and ran to investigate. Richard and Osmund, surprised at the sudden change in pace, followed close behind. Allastad opened the door of the house and saw a man standing over the body of a demon, the man was wearing chainmail with a red cross on it and held a shield bearing the same cross.


Allastad and Ratigan had seen the symbol before and knew the order that it came from.

"I assume based on your symbol that you are of the templar order? What are you doing out here?"

The man looked up at Allastad and replied "I heard rumors that there was unusual activity so naturally i came to investigate, as i am sure you have." Richard looked at Osmund with confusion before asking Allastad who he was talking to, "Can you not see the man before you Richard? Ah, but my manners escape me, I am Master Allastad of the Order of the Ebony sun." The templar nodded and replied "You of course already know i am of the templar order, my name is of little importance but you may call me Eagle eye. I got the name from my order for being their best investigator. Now, if you'll excuse me Allastad i have a job to do as i am sure you do as well, though i am certain we will meet again."

The templar walked passed Allastad and down the streets towards the church. Allastad continued towards the village square as Richard turned to Osmund and stated in a voice lower than a whisper "I have a feeling something has happened to Allastad, we must tell Ratigan of this at once." Osmund nodded in agreement as they continued behind Allastad.

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Ratigan, Barton, and Astan set off in the opposite direction, towards the town hall. The streets were almost totally quit, except for the sounds of the rest of the party walking away from them.

"Where are the bodies? Do they shamble outside, clawing to get back to their homes?" said Astan, looking worried and sweating as he kicked at a pile of manure, surrounded by flies.

Ratigan shrugged his shoulders and had just enough time to grab him and tackle him tot he ground before a stinking, fetid creature leapt from the pile and tried the same. Barton immediately drew his clean and polished long-sword and sullied it in filth and blood with a mighty cleave to it's arm. The creature screamed inhumanely and backed off, and Ratigan got a better look at it.

"It is not a man, nor was it ever. A demon of filth, a lesser one, spewed from the bowels of the pit. it is likely the messenger for something far greater..." he said.


The demon seemed more likely to reconsider attacking again, but it stood it's ground and roared- filling the town square with a foul and putrefying gas, which was a sickly yellow.

"Cover your mouths! Now! shouted Ratigan, putting his good hand over his mouth. Everyone else did the same, and it took some time for the wind to blow the gas away, by which time the demon had gone. It left it's vile footprints and and a trail of drippings to indicate where it had gone, but while Ratigan and Astan where inspecting this Barton spotted someone standing in front of the townhall.

"One of the dead, is there, Master. Mocking us, and gesturing with a heavy morningstar, wearing Templar colors." Said Barton. Ratigan knew of only one Templar who wielded such things... Lord Peter Selby...

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Allastad arrived at the town square and was surprised to see Ratigan there as well, it appeared that him and Astan were inspecting something. He approached Ratigan, "What happened here brother?" asked Allastad, noticing the footprints leading away from them. "We were attacked by a lesser demon, Barton wounded it but it fled before we could finish it off." replied Ratigan, "but it would seem we have bigger troubles brother." continued Ratigan as he pointed in the direction of the undead outside the town hall. "Ratigan, a moment?" asked Ricard, motioning towards a nearby house. Ratigan nodded and followed Richard into the house, "What is it Richard?" asked Ratigan, as he closed the door behind them. "Its Allastad sir, on our way here he claimed he heard a scream coming from a house nearby and ran to investigate, we followed close behind. Once we got to the house however he began having a conversation with a man who simply was not there."

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