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More than just a myth

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No matter how we see him, dragons are considered to be fantasy animals from ancient tales and legends. Their appearance changed over the years in movies, books and games, and even makes them fire-breathing animals that attack villages and abduct princesses. A story we owe to Richard Wagner, the composer from 1853 of "Der Ring des Nibelungen" or "Ring of the Nibelungs" where the fire-breathing dragon Fafnir stood guard by a treasure. It made the dragon as we know them today. Yet they were different than they are now on display and seem unrealistic for many.

However, dragons are just animals of flesh and blood and across the world, many people claim that they have ever seen a dragon. Is it true or not, no one can say. But it is at least remarkable that hundreds of people claim that the dragon is still standing among us in this overpopulated planet. Other legends like the Loch ness monster, bigfood or the Chupacabra are animals that had seen a lot in spite of the human race donimating the earth.

The dragon was not really a name, but a description of the animal that means 'great serpent' ... in this case, winged serpent. The dragon is actually a description because nobody ever was able to see the dragon for more than 10 seconds. The dragon was seen all across the world from Africa (Naga) to China, South America to Scandinavia where Normans thought the dragon's image protected them.

The divine being used to be worshiped by people but was unfortunately reduced to a character in a video game as a final boss. But is it true? ... is the dragon still among us? Are the described statements of the past true and are still alive today or are these people just looking for attention?. Perhaps we will never know but it is food for thought.

And beside the dragon, there are other observations where we as humans say it's not possible.



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Cool YouTube Video about Dragons and Monsters from around the world!

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