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OOC: An Everyday Fantasy Roleplay

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Welcome one and all! Playing D&D has set me on a path of wanting to do some RPs again and thus I will see who is still lurking who might want to join. This is a very simple RPG set in a fantasy world. For simplicity sake I'm going to use Faerun. Some of you might recognize this as the world that Dungeons and Dragons is set in. There are multiple areas and planes and a lore all to its own. Here is a link to the map. http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/wd_maps/FRposterLarge_150.jpg You can be from pretty much anywhere.


So when writing the character sheet this is what you should put down!



Race: (Choose wisely!)



Picture/Description: (if one is available, if not describe yourself!)

Class: (your job, such as: bard, Barbarian, rogue, cleric, wizard, warlock, druid, ranger, paladin, fighter, etc)

Backstory: (Tell us a bit about your history)


In this case, the Dragon's Tavern where you all meet, is near Waterdeep on the edge of the Swordcoast. Called by various reasons, you are all meeting up in the tavern to meet with a local who has an interesting tale to tell. This is where our story begins. I have a couple characters I will play and of course the NPCs. There will be no need for rolling as I know that we all know that bad stuff does sometimes happen. Welcome to D&D. Let the games begin.


Name: "Zily"

Race: Half-wood elf

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Picture/Description: (See attachment), A well dressed, yet with a bit of flair, Zily's outfit screams entertainer, with a lute and a mandolin on her back as well as a zulkoon and pan flute strapped to her side, the young minstrel is ready for some playing. A winged cat often lays draped about her shoulders and she has an odd headband that seems to be made of bone around her forehead that is adorned with precious clear gems.

Class: Bard/Wizard


Being a Half-elf in Evermeet is rough. From the moment of her birth, everyone treated her differently. Zilyana's mother perished shortly after giving birth to her, only naming her Zilyana Nailo and her human father was never found. Zily's aunt threw her out at as soon as she was an adult (20) without teaching her anything of Elvish culture and forsook her. Zily wandered the lands, nothing but an old lute and the clothes on her person, scavenging from the woods as needed for food.
After five years of wandering, a human male about her age came across her sitting in a glade humming a tune as she stroked her lute. He marveled at the beasts gathered complacently around her. Adding his music to her own, he joined her. As the music rose and fell, they each sensed within the other a deep understanding. When the music had ended, he offered her a place to stay in his cottage on the outskirts of Phlan. She graciously accepted his offer and the stranger told her he could teach her how to use her music to help others, not just to entertain.
Zily had already sensed the power within the notes as she stroked the chords. As it turns out, Zily was a natural at bringing the notes to life. The young bard (he said she could call him Jaxsom) was amazed at her talent. Eventually Zily became an above-average entertainer under Jaxsom's tutelage. Around age 30, she and Jaxsom parted ways, each heading to their own paths, Jaxsom leaving her with a fragment of a beautiful song and gave her the task of finishing it (or finding who wrote it). Zily set off on her own adventure. (Yes I know the ages don't match up. Thanks to magic, Zily is back to being 21.)


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