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How to Train your Dragon?

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       I have been thinking about httyd 1 and 2 and I feel they can do another sequel in another 4 or 5 years, to finish it off as a trilogy or something. When I saw the first movie, I didn't expect a sequel. I thought that happened, they had a kids tv show and then left it at that, which I would have been happy with. When I found out that they where making a sequel movie I was really worried, thinking they might take a great movie and make a horrible sequel out of it,maybe to milk it. But then after seeing some trailers and learning more about it, I became excited, and i wasn't disipointed in the second movie. I really liked how time passed between the movies, approximately the same amount of time in real life between the movies, passed with in the httyd universe, hes 5 years older, and the last movie was about 5 years ago(?). I don't know if the tv show does the same thing, i just started watching it, but i hope if they do another movie in a few years they let the same amount of time pass in story. As for the plot, It needs to be about the night furies. Eather they find another, dive in to why toothless is the only one around, or maybe both, because thats been a mystery in my head since the first movie. I think that if they run with that, they are bound to make a 3rd great movie.

Please help.

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