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I have unlocked most of the contet by now, which means I have Bazaar lvl 3, Witch lvl 2, all races, gods, all explorer classes etc. Had no problems so far with any dungeons, the dragons are my first vicious one and I'm stuck. The map layout is really unfriendly, my best attempt was with orc monk (dwarven gauntlet) serving Taurog. I got to the boss with just 1 hp potion lost (probably 3-4 total), strenght potion, still few tiles unexplored and like 3-5 death protection (100 piety + fodder enemies waiting + pact maker). Things that could have been better: no elite items at shops, only got +4 dmg sword out of it, bought out the rest and converted for attack bonus, still I was serving Taurog so doesn't matter that much, and I had no fortitude tonic prepared. With this run I got the boss down to ~300 hp. So, any tips for 3 best classes?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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